EXCLUSIVE Gossip: Inside The De Grisogono Divine Party

The Cannes film festival is like a playground for the rich and famous. By day they network and talk about films and by night they party. There’s food, drink and entertainment and the celebrities make as much effort with their outfits as they would do with their outfits.

I know this first-hand as I was super lucky and got invited to the party. This means I can talk you through exactly what goes on! The party starts super early. There is a champagne reception at 6pm and in France, the pre party is almost as important as the after party. This meant I was getting ready at 5pm.


My dress is the  Jessica Wright Natalie monochrome maxi dress from Very.


The guests all arrive to a welcome from a full classical band! I don’t think I’ve ever walked down a red carpet to such fanfare.

The champagne reception takes place outside and there is a fashion show at the same time. Models wear classic colours because the star attraction is the jewellery. This is a place to show off wealth. Forget less is more. More is more in Cannes.

Cara Delevingne kept it simple in a white maxi dress, so that her statement jewellery stood out.


At the party it was clear to see that Cara is really in love with her new girlfriend, who is the singer St Vincent. They were inseparable all night.


However, Michelle Rodriguez was also there and she was linked to Cara in the past. To make matters worse, she was in a white maxi dress as well. Both looked good in white though, don’t you think?


For dinner, guests ate lobster and avocado followed by Sea Bass with a strawberry mousse and macarons for dessert. The portions were not huge, but it was just enough to give people energy for the night ahead.

Energy was much needed as Robin Thicke sang after dinner as a signal it was party time. He performed Blurred Lines – his most popular hit.


Paris Hilton led the dancing. She is a lot of fun in real life. She told me my dress was ‘hot’ and made me blush. She’s in Cannes to try and launch a music career.

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To keep the crowd buzzing, there were dancers on stilts mingling with guests. I saw Benicio Del Toro was fascinated by one of them!


Karlie Kloss could have been one of these dancers on stilts. In the flesh she is about 6ft 4, although I suspect she was wearing 4in heels. She looked like a fairy princess in her blue maxi dress.



The party went on til 3am and most of the  celebrities stayed until the end. I think the following day they would all need sunglasses to disguise tired eyes.

Who do you think looked the best?

Love Zoex

PS I’m still in Cannes searching for more gossip so keep checking the Very blog for updates!

21st May 2015
Written by Zoe Griffin