It is what is on the inside that counts, so make it Intel®

At Very we know you are busy running around so it can be really frustrating when a laptop slows you down! That is why we love the new Intel® 5th Generation processors. Now, if you’re anything like us the term ‘processor’ doesn’t mean all that much, in fact it scares us a little that’s why we thought we would explain this technical jargon to make sure that you’re all clued up.

In short, a great processor gives you premium performance and powerful possibilities. The new Intel® 5th generation Core™ processors pack an incredible new standard of performance which is guaranteed to keep up with your busy lifestyle! So, whether you’re constantly surfing the net, working away on Office or editing your photos, you’re guaranteed to get excellent performance so you can move effortlessly which makes it the obvious choice for going back to school!

Not only are Intel® providing you with the latest generation of processor, but Intel® have launched a revolutionary technology: Intel® RealSense™. Imagine this: You grab your device, you open an app, do some doodling mid-air and watch your art appeal on its screen. This state of the art gesture-based human interaction technology will transform the way you interact with your laptop! Consisting of a series of 3D cameras built in to devices, your tech will now be able to ‘see’ depth much like the human eye and sense emotions. It is one the kids are guaranteed to love and get their creative juices flowing.

If you are still wondering what laptop and processor is right for you, check out all the latest information and our top picks from Intel®. But if you are looking for a robust laptop, with great features and security, the HP Spectre bends over backwards for you. Function does truly meet flexibility in the elegantly designed x360. Any way you bend it, the Spectre x360 delivers. But that’s not all, the HP Spectre’s Intel® Core™ 5th generation processor means that you can enjoy lightning-fast performance throughout the day!

Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – so, if you’re after a top performing, powerful device, make sure it’s powered by Intel® – you won’t be disappointed.

25th August 2015
Written by Lauren Peters