When it comes to contouring, keep up with the Kardashians and Jenners to never miss a make-up trick!

This technique uses dark and light shades to sculpt key areas on the face. As there’s no sign of the trend waning, we help you get clued-up…

For the illusion of fuller lips, take a sharp lip liner (a little darker than your natural colour) and outline a few millimeters outside of your lip line. Fill in with a nude shade, so that the liner is just visible. Use a lighter-coloured lipstick on the fullest parts of your pout to give depth. Imagine there’s an ‘X’ shape on your Cupid’s bow and lighten it with concealer to finish.

Start with getting the right colours to match your skin tone. Pick matte, not sparkly, make-up. Apply your base and build up the darkest hue under your cheekbones to get that ‘pulled-in’ effect. The lighter colour is swept over the top of your cheeks to bring them to the fore. Only now should you use a subtle shimmer over the highest part of your cheekbones to highlight.

Contouring around the eyes, brows and nose creates a central focus. Remember, it’s all about sculpting. If it looks ‘dirty’, you’ve gone a shade too dark or you need to blend more to soften the points where the dark and light shades meet. Apply darker shades down the sides of your nose and in the eye sockets and use paler colours along the brow bone, down the length of your nose and on the areas you want light to bounce of.


26th February 2016
Written by Vanessa Margetts