Inspiring Celebrities Setting Plus-Size Fashion Trends

Looking fabulous is all about making the most of what we’ve got and dressing to enhance our best assets. Celebrities, just like the rest of us, come in all shapes and sizes and whether they’re petite or plus-size, one thing they all have in common  is confidence.

If I’m feeling confused about what to wear or need some inspiration about the trends that are flattering, I look at what the celebrities are wearing and work out what looks I can pull off. Looking at the red carpet photos you can see what enhances the celebs’ figures and imagine what it would look like on yourself.

After looking at some gorgeous celebrities, I think these are the hottest plus-size women’s clothing trends right now:

(1) Adele

Adele has a signature style – she’s found what plus size women’s clothing works for her and she wears it over and over again, changing it slightly. For example, she wore a long black maxi dress to the Brits and she wore a sequin black maxi dress to the Grammy’s in 2015. At this Grammy’s she also wore a black dress, but this one is slightly different as it has a pleated skirt. Let’s see what she wears to the Brits this year, but if previous trends are anything to go by it will probably be a black dress!

It suits her when she has her hair in loose waves and a cats flick of eyeliner over her eyes. She always looks like an old school Hollywood icon as I can imagine actresses aspired to look like Adele in the 1940s and 50s. Nothing’s changed now as she’s still inspiring women around the world.

(2) Rebel Wilson

Rebel is everywhere right now – she’s taking over the world and showing that women can be funny, intelligent and look fabulous.

I saw her at the BAFTA awards in a black dress, at the Glamour women of the year awards in a gorgeous sequin dress, while at the recent premiere of How to Be Single (above) she stole the show in a green dress. What do you think of Rebel?

(3) Kelly Clarkson

Kelly’s the ultimate diva – the first ever winner of American Idol – and she dresses like she’s on stage whether she is or not. There’s rarely any down time for Kelly. She’s high maintenance and she’s proud of it.

You normally see her in maxi dresses that make her look chic and sophisticated as if she’s about to belt out a ballad. Either that or skinny jeans that make it look like she’s about to blast out a rock number. She’s a yummy mummy to two kids and looks fantastic with it – in jeans and in dresses. But recently, the best thing she’s worn was this white midi dress as the colour is attention grabbing and she looks so girly and pretty in it.

(4) Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is a fabulous example of someone who nails plus size women’s clothing all the time. She embraces her curves and wears her bodycon outfits with attitude. When you know Queen Latifah is going to be at an awards ceremony or fashion event, you can guarantee she will wear something that makes all the other actresses jealous and wish they’d worn that.

My favourite thing she’s worn recently is the black sequin dress at the SAG awards. She knows how great she looks judging by her attitude on the red carpet.

(5) Meghan Trainor

It’s not just all about the bass for Meghan, it’s about fashion too. Meghan always looks like she’s having fun with fashion and she experiments with different styles. One minute she’s wearing skater skirts and pretty knitwear, which highlights her slim waist. The next she’s in a pencil skirt to show off her hourglass silhouette and at the Grammys she wore a beautiful black dress, which really showed off her cleavage.

You can tell by her smile that she’s confident with the way she looks and that confidence comes when you’re happy with the fit and cut of your clothes. I love her energy!

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Love Zoex

17th February 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin