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Tech guru Julia Hardy shows us what’s on her radar this month..

This year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas went extra tech-crazy and we saw more and more ‘normal’ items become technified. That’s ace in my opinion. Smart gadgets have got super smart now.

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How about something to make your locks longer? The igrow is a rather unsexy bike helmet that uses lasers and LED to promote hair growth. Apparently it does work, just maybe wear it inside the house…


Are you a totally mani-obsessed kinda girl? Sick of people having tips that look a bit like yours? The Inail (pronounced “I nail”) is basically a printer for your talons. After picking a design (you can send it photos too), you stick your hand in and then it prints onto your nails. No more anger-inducing design-related accidents. It’s perfect every time.


Take a look at this Samsung Smart Fridge. The huge screen on the front is about to become the hub to your family life. It merges the household’s calendars and takes and sends photos of its contents to your smartphone (that’s really useful when you pop into the supermarket and aren’t sure what you need). It acts like a normal tablet too, so you can stream movies and music and even watch cooking videos. It really is a very clever bit of tech.


Is being away from your pet all day just too much? Then, you need Petcube. Not only is it a video camera, so you can see what your pampered pet is up to while you’re away, but there’s also a two-way microphone, which means you can hear them and they can hear you. And, it has a laser pointer in it, allowing you to play with your cat when you’re on a lunch break. Petcube acts as home security too as it uses motion sensors to alert you and record video when you are out of the house.


Ever imagined having something great happen at the touch of a button? While a man delivering Bourbon biscuits in hot pants is probably not on the cards, we have found something that makes a whole host of other good stuff just a click away. This is Flic, a button you can assign to do up to three different tasks. Perhaps you want to order a pizza, send an alert if you need help or get a fake call to rescue you from that appalling date? You can program it to do pretty much anything.


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19th March 2016
Written by Vanessa Margetts