Nicole Scherzinger’s Top 5 Best X Factor Looks

It’s official! Nicole Scherzinger will return to the judging panel of the X Factor this year (2016). She’s always been one of my favourite judges of all time because not only did she invent the word ‘Schmazing’ and use the word ‘balls’ in many contexts, but she looked elegant and classy on every single episode. I never ever saw her in anything that didn’t suit her.

I’m really excited to see what she will wear this season because if it’s anything like what she wore in the past, we’ll be in for a treat. I liked to look at her on a Saturday night to get inspiration for what I’d wear to a party on another Saturday night. Five outfits that I especially liked were:

Five outfits that I especially liked – and I hope we see more of this year – were:

(1) A red maxi dress


With her dark hair and bronzed skin, red really suits Nicole. Sometimes red can look brassy and bold but Nicole looks pretty and feminine in her red maxi dress. It makes me want to wear more red!

(2) A one shoulder maxi dress


During the live shows, there’s a lot of pressure to pull out fabulous outfits every week but Nicole got it so right with this one shoulder maxi dress. This would be a perfect dress for a formal ball or dinner and maybe even a prom dress as the stunning detail would ensure eyes were on you all night.

(3) A navy blue jumpsuit


Nicole doesn’t always wear dresses and one of my fave outfits ever was this blue jumpsuit as she looks fresh and cool. I wouldn’t argue with the judge’s decision when Nicole looks as fierce as this.

(4) A white midi dress


The white in this dress really accentuates Nicole’s gorgeous skin tone. Now that we’re getting into the summer months, white is a great colour to wear. Since she’s being adventurous on the colour,  she keeps the shape simple with a clean midi dress structure.

(5) A long shoulder black maxi dress


Wow! I love the detail of this long sleeve maxi dress – it wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet at the Oscars. Nicole wore this to one of the live finals and the dress certainly has the X Factor – the contestants were all upstaged!

Which outfit did you like the most? Do you think Simon Cowell did the right thing inviting Scherzy back?


11th May 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin