Faster computing to improve your everyday with Intel

Fancy a PC that’s fast, sleek and stylish? Upgrade to a new PC with Intel Inside®.

You’ve got a busy life, so you need a computer that will work as fast as you do. Whether you’re shopping, studying, gossiping or multitasking, there’s so much to fit in to each day so your device needs to keep up.

If you’ve already heard of Intel® but have no idea about processors let’s give you the lowdown. First things first: they’re fast. Upgrade to a device with an Intel® processor inside and you can drastically improve your everyday life and speed up everything you do on your computer. We’ve chosen our top devices that can help you do this!

Sleek, stylish and portable 2 in 1

Lenovo YOGA 500 with Intel® Core™ i3 inside

Intel 1

Gossip waits for no woman and with a better processor you’ll be able chat, share and comment faster than ever before on the Lenovo YOGA 500. With Intel® Core™ i3 inside, be the first of your friends to Instagram that beautiful view – or your breakfast!

Laptop for work or play

Acer Aspire E5 with Intel® Core™ i5 inside

Intel 2

A better processor means faster downloading, so if you’re getting the family together for movie night you’ll have the latest blockbuster ready to watch in no time on the Acer Aspire E5.

If you love shopping online (and who doesn’t?) the super-fast Intel® Core™ i5 processor gives you the speed you need to browse, explore and shop on your device.

Our favourite all-in-one hub

Lenovo C50 with Intel® Core™ i5 inside

Intel 3

Multitasking is made simple with Intel® Core™ i5 inside. The quicker you finish your work, the quicker you can move on to some me time on Twitter and Facebook.

Into gaming – or know a teenager who likes to borrow your device to play? Rapid loading times means faster gaming and better experiences on the Lenovo C50.

Upgrade your look, upgrade your speed. Shop all products featuring Intel Inside® now at

28th June 2016
Written by Vanessa Margetts