Jason Bourne: Film Premiere Fashion

The Bourne Identity franchise is all about big-budget, high-drama, fast-paced action and glamour, so I was hoping for the same thing at the premiere of Jason Bourne – the prequel to the series. Happily, the premiere represented the film as Matt Damon invited his gorgeous celeb pals to walk down the red carpet with him and everyone dressed up to look the best they could.

All colours were bright with silver and pink dresses really standing out. Even if the weather isn’t fantastic, wearing a bright coloured dress helps to make us feel more cheerful when we look in the mirror. And it means people take notice when we walk into a party as colours make people look twice.

If you want to make your presence known at a summer event, have a look at these celebs for inspiration:

Alicia Vikander

Alicia looked stunning in a silver dress, which reflected both the photographers’ flashlights and the early evening sun. It’s very flattering against her skin as she looks fresh and alert and that’s because the colour has given her a boost. She’s the lead actress in the film so she had to wear something fabulous!

Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon’s wife showed that she wanted everyone to notice that she was with the leading man by wearing a hot pink maxi dress. It looks fantastic with her summer tan – it’s the ideal colour for summer and summer holidays in particular. Notice that she has gold heels as gold and pink look gorgeous together.

Julia Stiles

Julia’s also in the film, so she needed to get noticed and she certainly did that in a figure-hugging silver maxi dress. She looks mermaid-like with the fishtail bottom and the loose waves in her hair. With a dress like this you don’t need any accessories as the dress is enough of a statement in itself.

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa took bold to another level in a multi-colour jumpsuit! Talk about making a statement! The former model enjoys taking fashion risks and she pulls it off because she has a lot of attitude – posing on the red carpet with a hand on her hip. You can get away with a lot if you wear things with confidence.

Which bold outfit do you like best?

Love Zoex

13th July 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin