Jennifer Lawrence: Top 5 Fashion Moments

She’s best known for playing teenager Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games but Jennifer Lawrence is now celebrating her 26th birthday. Happy birthday J-Law!

From the moment she fell up the stairs at the Oscars when collecting her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook, to photos of her leaving nightclubs in the early hours of the morning – Jennifer looks like such a fun person to hang out with. She’s gorgeous and she’s a Hollywood star, but she comes across as a regular girl who’s done well and wants to make the most of every minute of her success.

In honour of her birthday, let’s have a look at 5 of the most fabulous outfits she’s ever worn. When she’s dressed up, she looks amazing!

(1) Oscars 2013: White Maxi Dress

Jennifer looked sweet and innocent in a white maxi dress, which made people bond with her when she fell up the steps and messed it up. Because she looks sweet and girly, rather than edgy we can all relate to her more – there’s nothing stand-offish about her. The white colour also flatters her skin tone, helping her get a golden glow that complements the colour of the Oscars statue.

(2) Golden Globes 2016: Red Maxi Dress

After a few years at the top of Hollywood, Jennifer has more attitude and she shows that off in a bold red maxi dress. At that award ceremony, she won a trophy for her role in Joy and she definitely should win a fashion award for that dress too. The shape’s so simple but the colour’s fantastic.

(3) David Letterman Appearance: Red Dress and Blazer

J-Law really suits red and so when she wants to make an impression it’s the colour she turns to. A red mini dress is more suitable for a night out than a TV appearance so she dressed it down with a black blazer. This is a clever way to  go from day to night as she’s ready to party when the blazer comes over.

(4) Oscars 2016: Black Feather Dress

Wow! As she’s got older, she’s taking more risks with fashion. She pulled it off in a black maxi dress with feather embellishment, holding her hand on her hip like she was proud of herself.  Arriving at an event in a dress with such embellishment causes people to stop and stare as there’s so much detail to look at.

(5) Serena premiere – Blazer Dress

Jennifer has great legs and when you’re happy with a body part you should dress to show it off! She looks awesome in a tuxedo blazer dress, which makes her look strong and in control as well as gorgeous.

As you can see, she looks like a star in mini dress, maxi dress and midi dresses as she wears everything with attitude! Which outfit do you like the most?

Love Zoex

15th August 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin