Vote for the best British fashion moment ever!

It’s almost time for London Fashion Week, and so we want to find the best British fashion moment of all time.

There are hundreds of British models, designers and style icons who have made their mark on the fashion world over the years, but which is the best?

These are our top 10 fashion moments that make us proud of British style. Vote below!

(We certainly don’t need any excuse to look at dresses all day – and if you want to make your own fashion statement you can shop dresses here).

Voting will end on Thursday 2nd September 2016 at midnight.

1. Geri Halliwell’s union jack dress when performing with the Spice Girls at the 1997 Brit Awards
2. Liz Hurley’s safety pin dress at the 1994 premiere of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’
3. Vivienne Westwood helps invent punk fashion with Malcolm Mclaren in 1974
4. Elizabeth Taylor’s record breaking $115.9 million jewellery auction in 2011
5. Twiggy becomes the first ever supermodel in the 1960s with her pixie haircut
6. Mary Quant redefines fashion and makes the mini skirt popular in London, 1965
7. The Duchess of Cambridge’s Sarah Burton designed wedding dress in 2011
8. Kate Moss’s effortless cool defining the 1990s, as she cemented her fashion leader roots in her laid back 90s slip dresses and challenged the high glamour model look
9. Naomi Campbell’s ground breaking Vogue covers: She was the first black cover girl since 1966 for British Vogue in ’87, then first for French Vogue in ’88, and first also for the huge September issue in the US in ’89.
10. Victoria Beckham’s fashion debut, modelling for Maria Grachvogel at London Fashion Week in 2000


26th August 2016
Written by Alex Blythin