10 Reasons Why We Love Bridget Jones Baby (No Spoilers!)

Okay, the main reason is because WE CORRECTLY PREDICTED BRIDGET’S BABY NAME!

Check out our infographic we created before the film’s release, when we had a stab at imagining what he/ she might be called. And we got it right!

Even if you haven’t seen the film yet, don’t worry there’s no spoilers. And in the meantime, here are some other reasons why we love the latest film…

1. She’s an expert lip syncer
She might not be blessed with Beyonce’s voice, but she sure can lip sync to a power ballad – and now rap!
2. She never gives up
No matter what life throws at her, she gets back up. And this time she’s doing it with a KILLER wardrobe.
3. She’s got the craziest bunch of friends
All totally different but united in being by Bridget’s side through thick and thin. And we love her new work bestie!
4. She’s still a big pants and pyjamas-and-wine type of girl
PJs and a glass of white, with your fave playlist on: Bridge recognises nights in are the new nights out.
5. She’s still inappropriately dressed
Turning up to a garden party as a Playboy bunny? Check. Running down the street in your knickers? Check. And now? Just a smile and an apron. Oops.
6. She still has no filter
That thing that’s in your head that you always try not to say? Yep, she’ll still say it.
7. She gives herself goals
She loves a good ‘to do’ list. One of her best qualities has to be that she never settles – she’s always working on improving herself.
8. She sees the good in everyone
Even when that voice deep inside was screaming Daniel Cleaver is a wrongun – or now that her mum is running a bonkers political campaign – she sees their good qualities.
9. She still follows her heart
Despite heartbreak, she’s still hopeful of finding running-down-the-street-in-your-knickers type love again.
10. She muddles through life, and that’s okay
Bridget shows it’s okay not to have life sussed out. Just enjoy the ride – or the festival! – and everything will work itself out in the end.

7th October 2016
Written by Alex Blythin