Dr Strange Film Premiere Fashion

Dr Strange is comic book escapism at it’s finest with Benedict Cumberbatch playing a surgeon who battles evil with martial arts, knuckle dusters and a mysterious ancient guru. Several reviewers have given it four out of five stars and some have scored it full marks, calling it a ‘tremendously likeable superhero ride’.

What’s charming about the films is that there are strong, inspiring and powerful women in it. The ancient guru, who has more powers than Dr Strange is female (played by Tilda Swinton) and Dr Strange is mesmerised by his ex-girlfriend (played by Rachel McAdams), It’s refreshing to watch a film where women are in control! At the premiere, the same was true with power-dressing at it’s finest.

If you want to show everyone who’s boss at the Christmas party, take a look at:

Rachel McAdams

Rachel’s taking risks by wearing a one-shoulder maxi dress with a see-through effect and a bold print. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and that’s the point – if you want to look powerful and confident you need to take risks. Look for something with a playful print and flash a bit of flesh but not too much, just like Rachel.

Tilda Swinton

A trouser suit always looks fierce and Tilda Swinton rocked hers! Notice that she isn’t wearing any accessories. She doesn’t need to because she doesn’t want anything to detract from the suit. A simple pair of black heels is all she needs to look chic and fabulous.

Sophie Cumberbatch

When your husband is the star of the film, you need to dress up as the spotlight will be on you and Sophie embraces it in a pink maxi dress. The colour is just fabulous as it stands out from the crowd. I love how it clashes slightly with her red lip and red shoes. What do you think?

Claudia Fragapane and AJ Pritchard

The gymnast turned star of Strictly Come Dancing showed off the fact that dancing has toned her leg muscles in a white mini dress. Dressing powerfully is working out what body parts you’re proud of and dressing to show that off. The gold heels further lengthen her legs and sculpt her physique – gold sandals are ideal for the party season. They’re made for the dancefloor!

Does this make you want to look a bit more powerful this party season? Whose outfit did you like most?

Love Zoex

25th October 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin