London Film Festival: The Best Red Carpet Looks

The London Film Festival is the UK’s equivalent of Cannes except in slightly colder circumstances. There’s just as much talent but the stars all have to wear warmer outfits on the red carpet.

It’s a great indication of what films are coming up in coming months as these movies have been through a strict selection process to enter the competition. The appearance of the celebs at the premieres takes the publicity for the film to another level as the right outfit will lead to coverage in magazines and newspapers that mention the film. For this reason, the stars go all out to impress in beautiful dresses in stunning colours with gorgeous fabrics.

Let’s have a closer look at the stars’ premiere outfits for some party inspiration:

Nicole Kidman

Nicole is in a new film called Lion with Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel, which is all about Dev’s journey as he gets lost in India. Nicole plays more of a minor role but all eyes were on her at the premiere in the long sleeve black velvet maxi dress. She looked almost gothic, but the red lipstick lifted it up and made her appear dramatic rather than dark. This look will make heads turn.

Alice Eve

The British actress also went for a velvet dress but hers was a red maxi dress and it looked lovely against her golden skin. Black Mirror is a Netflix series that Alice stars in and it’s a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Therefore it’s nice that she indulges her feminine side in this dress as she doesn’t get much opportunity to in Black Mirror.

Amy Adams

Amy made sure all eyes were on her as she dazzled in a white maxi dress at the premiere of Arrival. The film’s quite geeky about science fiction and aliens but Amy shows that it is possible to be smart without looking too preppy. She’s following the golden rule of keeping the legs covered if she’s showing the cleavage.

Michelle Williams

Michelle puts on an emotional performance in the angst drama Manchester By The Sea, in which her ex-husband returns to the town in which they got married and he is forced to look after his nephew after the brother died in a car crash. It’s all about new starts and families and a bit of a tear-jerker. Perhaps that’s why Michelle went for a multi-coloured midi dress for the premiere, that also looks a bit velvety.

The actress looksed really pretty in her dress and the strapless detail enhanced her slim upper half and showed her feminine shape. Strapless dresses can be more flattering than you think!

Laura Carmichael

The Downton Abbey actress has moved on from TV and has no problem getting big screen roles. At the gala premiere of A United Kingdom, she turned heads in a gorgeous green maxi dress. When others stick to classic colours like black, white and red then a green dress can really get you noticed. The pleat detail is an interesting touch, which is very fashionable this season and floats around her legs as she walks, mermaid style.

Whose red carpet look most inspires you?Also, it looks like there will be some fascinating new films in the cinema soon for when you need a quieter night out!

Love Zoex

13th October 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin