Through the keyhole

We take you past the front doors of the UK’s most stylish homes…

Bristiol-based blogger Lottie Storey curates a selection of beautiful interiors, inspiring travel, and fun family adventures at She recently moved to a house overlooking Bristol’s floating harbour where she is putting a modern twist on retro style.

“When we moved in, the chimney breast was bare brick. It can feel a bit sacrilegious to paint brick, but this wasn’t beautiful old brick, instead it was very orange new brick. We painted it with watered down white emulsion and I really love the effect.”

“The first weekend we moved into this house, we assembled these four bookcases and I spent far too long arranging the shelves! As a household with a lot of books, it’s important to me to get them in order. The colour really adds to the room, which is fairly minimal otherwise.”

“We spent a good while looking for a pair of sofas that would work back-to-back. They need to have good style, washable covers and be resilient to kids!”
Director Floor Lamp, 6VM4Y, £79

“This picture ledge runs along the top of the shelving that houses our telly, stereo and vinyl collection. It’s the perfect place to hide away bits and bobs from the kids’ hands – a little area of grown-up things. Plus, I love the way all the pieces look together. They are a bit old-fashioned but classic in their style. I adore the idea of monochrome pictures in what is mainly a black and white room. The copper candlestick was a gift from my boyfriend.”

“My boyfriend is a music journalist and owns a lot of vinyl records – this isn’t even all of them! We ended up building this shelving across the full width of one wall to keep it vaguely contained. The telly and other assorted electronics live here too.”

“I’ve always wanted a Stendig Calendar, and this year is the first time I’ve succumbed. It’s a design classic – and at three by four feet, it makes quite a statement! We use the past months as wrapping paper.”

“The back garden is a red-brick walled space with gravel. Ivy covers the wall and we ended up pruning back until we found a climbing rose, which was a brilliant surprise. The end gets the early morning sun, so it’s a lovely place to sit first thing.”

“I collect a lot of kitchenware and some is so nice to look at it seems a shame to hide it away in cupboards. The filled jars look ordered, but there’s no pretending you’re not in the kitchen! I have a lot of cookery books, so I’ve put them in colour order. I think it stops them looking messy.”
Berghoff Covered Round Baking Dish, 6MPQ3, £29.99

31st October 2016
Written by Vanessa Margetts