Tidal Charity Concert: Beyonce And Friends Put On A Show

When it comes to dressing up, you can count on Beyonce to bring it whenever she’s performing on stage. At the Tidal charity concert that she organised with Jay-Z to benefit New York anti-poverty charity The Robin Hood foundation, she had to be on top of her game as she was being followed on stage by flamboyant and fabulous artists like Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys.

In the end, Beyonce did get talked about the most as her long braid ripped out one of her earrings making her bleed onstage…but she still carried on! She also had enough times between songs for an outfit change and each was incredible. It’s great inspiration if you want to make an impact everywhere you go this Christmas party season, Although Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys didn’t get talked about as much, they looked stunning too.

Let’s have a closer look at the stunning stage outfits:

Beyonce’s first outfit

Beyonce looked like a tribal Queen with a long black maxi dress, her hair in a long braid and some cool bracelets and ear-rings. It was the accessories that made this outfit – the right jewellery can really transform a  look and be a way to get noticed. Also, it enables you to make the same dress last longer because changing the accessories, changes the way the dress looks and you can wear it to more occasions.

Beyonce’s second outfit

On stage, Beyonce made sure that all eyes were on her in a metallic dress with captivating shoulder-pad detail. It’s a bodycon dress which shows off all Beyonce’s bootylicious curves, so you can see her impressive hourglass shape. Bodycon dresses are a classic during the party season.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki was a vision in white, which is always dazzling on a dark night. The white jacket looks super luxurious and the white sandals are fierce. If you want to look like you mean business, wear an outfit like Nicki’s.

Emeli Sande

We haven’t seen much of Emeli for a while, but she’s back and showing that by looking gorgeous in a black maxi dress. It’s an easy dress to wear and super comfortable but it’s not a traditional shape and that makes it look special. Because she feels confident in it, she’s holding her head up high. Sometimes, you just can’t beat a black dress.

Bebe Rexha

The American singer and rapper walked out tall in black over the knee boots that gave everyone footwear envy – they’re stunning. Emerald green is a popular colour this season and Bebe showed green goes well with black boots. Also, not many people have the guts to go green, so wearing a green outfit will get you noticed in a crowd.

Alicia Keys

You can count on Alicia to stick to her own sense of style without needing to conform. Most of the other female stars may have worn a dress but Alicia felt comfortable in black trousers so that’s what she wore. This clearly gave her more confidence as she moved about the stage like she owned it and wowed everyone with her presence. Trousers can make just as much impact as a dress if you wear them with attitude!

Are you getting in the mood for Christmas party season now?

Love Zoex

17th October 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin