British Fashion Awards 2016

The British Fashion Awards are London’s equivalent of the Met Ball in New York. Organised by the British Fashion Council and held at the Royal Albert Hall, they’re attended by the world’s top models as well as internationally famous singers like Lady Gaga and sports stars like David Beckham. It’s one of the most A’list events of the year!

The night is a celebration of British fashion and the dresses worn are showstopping works of art in their own right. They’re big, they’re bold and they’re beautiful and then the celebrities wear them and make them look even more magical. From black dresses to silver dresses, from strapless dresses to long sleeve dresses, there were a lot of party dress ideas that we can adapt for our own Christmas parties.

Let’s have a closer look:

Gigi Hadid


Gigi flew in from New York for the event and looked bright and beautiful in a silver dress that had trousers underneath. Well, that’s one way to keep warm on a red carpet. Gigi’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion and she pulls it off because she wears it with attitude. Repeat a few positive mantras to yourself in the mirror and you can wear anything!

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga presented the award for best men’s fashion designer to Craig Green, but making an entrance like that down the red carpet she deserves to win one herself for ‘most diva entrance’. She looked chic and eye-catching in a black maxi dress with a cape detail, that she could wrap round herself to stay warm on the red carpet. The dress is simple but when worn with slicked back hair and bold make-up, Gaga really stands out.

Karlie Kloss


Karlie also showed that you don’t have to have a complicated dress to wow at a party. Her black dress is different as it’s sleeveless style shows off a hint of side boob. She looks sporty and healthy and dresses to show that off.

Kate Moss


The original supermodel looked luxurious in a black faux fur coat and a velvet maxi dress with a lot of jewellery. If you want to look expensive then wear a plain dress and a bracelet and ear-rings and let your jewels do the talking!

Nicole Scherzinger


Nicole really had the X Factor in a jumpsuit designed by Julien Macdonald. It’s barely-there but she held her head high, flashed a big smile and feels confident in it. Sometimes wearing a jumpsuit can give you a bit of attitude as you’re not conforming and that’s a powerful feeling. What do you think of her jumpsuit?

Jourdan Dunn


Jourdan also stood out from the crowd by wearing white trousers and a crop top, showing off her incredibly toned abs. If you’ve got it then flaunt it! Also, trousers are increasingly more common on a night out, especially if they have a flattering  flared shape like Jourdan’s have. She was litterally dazzling on that red carpet!

Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell has walked enough red carpets and catwalks to know that simple, classic dresses really turn heads. The long sleeve black maxi dress is made from a lovely lace material, and although other people have worn similar dresses to other events, Naomi wears her one well. If someone else wore a lace dress to that event, they would have to change as Naomi owns it thanks to her sleek hair and shining diamond necklace. Wow!

Daisy Lowe


Daisy has her own style and she doesn’t compromise and it paid off at the fashion awards as she looked unique and beautiful in a pink jumpsuit. Not everyone could pull this off, but Daisy doesn’t seem to care what people think and that’s why she always looks good. It’s all about that inner confdence and ‘can-do’ attitude – she’s always willing to try new things and she sets trends rather than following them.

Pixie Lott


Pixie also channeled her inner goddess like Gigi Hadid and opted for a silver dress. She has fun when it comes to fashion and doesn’t take life too seriously and you could tell she was enjoying herself with her handsome model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire by her side for most of the night. They’re one good-looking couple and Pixie made sure everyone noticed them pass in that stunnig silver dress.

Whose dress did you like the most?

Love Zoex


6th December 2016
Written by Zoe Griffin