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If anyone knows their gadgets, gaming and tech it’s TV presenter and Very Vlogger, Julia. Hardy. Find out all you need to know about the latest TVs to suit yours and your families daily needs.


Buying a TV used to be super simple. Colour or black and white? How big?

Those were literally the two questions you had to answer. Ever since then things have gotten a little more complicated. Even I get lost when it comes to modern TVs – far too many abbreviations and weird names for techie things.

Buying a TV is also a big investment, so its super important to make sure you pick the right one. I’m going to break down the questions you need to answer to make sure you get the right television for you.

What is the best TV money can buy?

Well, if money is not an issue and you want to get the best TV experience now. Then get an LG OLED. They are at the top of TV budgets, but they are incredible. If they are a bit out of your price range then you’ll have to wait a while for the technology to be a bit less expensive. The current 4K Ultra HD/UHD + HDR TVs are really ace still too!

Samsung UE49KU6500 49 inch Freeview HD, LED Smart Ultra HD Curved TV


If you’re looking for a TV to make sure you can turn your lounge into a cinema for girls’ nights then look no further. It has a 49 inch screen which is big enough for most UK lounges. Plus with having Ultra HD (which is 4x the resolution of full HD) it means that the image will be great for really capturing exactly what the film makers wanted you to see.

Don’t forget though, if you really want to have a great movie experience you really need to invest in some speakers or a UHD Blu-ray player to really give the powerful picture some audio power too!

Panasonic 50DX700B 50 inch Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV


The best TV for Smart Functionality!

All smart TVs allow you access to the internet to some degree, so you can access all your catch-up services and streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon. How you interact with these services (the user interface) can be annoying. Think about having to click through too many pages or the fact your remote isn’t cut out for navigating the screen very well – we’ve all been there!

This Panasonic TV comes with a Firefox OS (made by the guys who make the easy to use web browser). What this means is that when you need to do anything on your TV its not a lesson in testing your last nerve. The interaction with the TV is very simplistic and super easy to customise what you want on your homepage. Which is something other TVs don’t really make so easy to do.

This TV comes with Freeview Play, the most comprehensive and easy to use UK catch up service. This means you’re able to scroll back through your TV guide and catch up on the shows you’ve missed in the past 7 days! You might not think how you interact with your TV is very important, but when something is intuitive  it then becomes a pleasure to use daily. It has everything you need from a smart TV and loads more!


13th December 2016
Written by Alex Blythin