SAG Awards 2017: Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards are a little bit different from other awards ceremonies as the actors and actresses vote for each other. The trophies mean a lot to the winners as it means they are popular among their peers and we all like to feel valued in the workplace, don’t we?

The other interesting thing about this awards show is that there is no host as the presenters of each award are so well-known, they keep the entertainment going. Presenters of awards this year included Viola Davis, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Ashton Kutcher, John Legend, James Marsden, Gina Rodriguez, Denzel Washington. It was so star-studded!

This means that we have a lot of glamorous gowns to look at for formal dress inspiration. Let’s get straight to the top 10 best dressed:
(1) Emma Stone

Emma won yet another award for La La Land and she looked stunning as she collected it in a black maxi dress. She’s finding her own red carpet style now, usually black-based but with an edge and this dress had two differences with its lace detail and with its floral embellishment. In fact, every time you look at this dress you notice something new and that’s why it works perfectly to make sure Emma gets the red carpet welcome she deserves.

(2) Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen loves a dress with a side split and she also stayed true to her red carpet style in a long sleeve black dress with a thigh-high split. The red carpet is not the time to be taking risks with a style that you’ve never tried before because if you get it wrong then everyone will notice. Be safe with your style and you won’t regret it!

(3) Nicole Kidman

Wow! Nicole really stood out in her sequin green maxi dress. The colour is mermaid-like, while the peacock detail on the shoulders is just fabulous. If you’re feeling fierce and like you want to show off for some reason – maybe it’s your birthday – then a green dress is the ideal ‘look-at-me’ outfit.

(4) Amy Adams

Amy was recently snubbed at The Oscars for her role in Arrival, but she put on a brave face at the SAG Awards. She looked classy and elegant in a black maxi dress, showing that she’s had the last laugh. There’s no better revenge than turning up somewhere looking fabulous and that’s definitely what Amy did.

(5) Kate Hudson

Kate looked seriously dramatic in a black mesh maxi dress with slicked back hair and a dark red lipstick that complimented the colour of her clutch bag. Although the dress is a simple enough shape, the devil is in the detail and it’s the hair, make-up and accessories that make this look. What do you think? It’s a change from the golden glow that she usually gives off!

(6) Evan Rachel Wood

How gorgeous is this velvet trouser suit? The actress looked powerful and strong on the red carpet, but the luxurious material and pretty colour makes us feel like she’s still made an effort. You have to be brave to wear something different like this but seeing Evan Rachel Wood makes me want to try it on and if it doesn’t suit me then I’d revert to something safer…

(7) Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten really turned heads in this white maxi dress with it’s lovely ruffle detail. The shape is flattering due to it’s slimline top and wide skirt, which makes her waist look small. A statement necklace completes the look and makes it all look more expensive!

(8) Sophie Turner

The Game of Thrones actress was a gorgeous lady in red at the awards in a classy red maxi dress. The shape is simple but the colour makes it stand out and she wears it well as she doesn’t bother with any accessories except a bold lip and that makes it seem as if she’s wearing the dress rather than it wearing her.

(9) Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family actress looked fresh and pretty in a prom dress with high black platform sandals. When everyone else is wearing maxi dresses, it does stand out and she wears it well. If you don’t feel comfortable in a maxi dress then don’t worry as Sofia shows that the midi dress can look equally glamorous and red carpet ready.

(10) Naomie Harris

The Bond actress was brave enough to take a risk and stand out from the crowd in a silk striped jumpsuit. This look may not be for everyone but she showed that us Brits don’t follow the crowd and can set trends rather than follow them and that’s a powerful statement to make on the red carpet. I like her attitude!

Who do you think looked the best? These celebs are now going to have to top these outfits at The Oscars. Do you think they can get any more glamorous?

Love Zoex

31st January 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin