50 Shades Darker Film Premiere: Best Dressed

The 50 Shades trilogy of books broke sales records around the world, but can the films do equally well? The film based on the second book, 50 Shades Darker, had its world premiere in LA ahead of the film’s release on Valentine’s Day. If what the stars wore is any indication of how well the film will do then expect big things as there were some seriously pretty dresses on the black carpet.

Even though the film is dark and sultry, most stars opted for bright and beautiful dresses for the premiere. This challenged our expectations and made us look twice, plus look forward to spring at the same time. Wearing colour always cheers up a party. Let’s have a closer look at how the celebs wore it:

Dakota Johnson

She’s the star of the film and she looked like a Princess on the black carpet in a beige maxi dress. It’s a very simple dress but that’s why it looks so classy. There’s a hint of cleavage and everything else is covered, making it a real change from what we see in the film. If you’re used to flashing the flesh,  try a dress like this and you’ll blow everyone’s mind.

Rita Ora

Rita has an acting role in the film playing Christian Grey’s sister and you can tell she’s proud of it by how much she dressed up at the premiere. This green maxi dress is a ‘look-at-me’ dress, and she looks fabulous in it. The high sandals make her legs look longer and more toned and she stands with attitude as she feels confident in her gorgeous dress. Love it!

Bella Heathcote

Bella’s a rising star, but she has the premiere look nailed! She knows how to make an impression in her gold mini dress. A dress like this looks fairly modest from the top half and then you look down and see that there’s nothing there! It tricks the eye and makes people look twice and that’s what you want if you want to get noticed!

Ashleigh La Throp

It’s Ashleigh’s first time in the 50 Shades trilogy and so she also wanted to create an impression, which she certainly did in her pink dress. The colour is so striking! However, there are no ruffles or embellishment as it’s a simple strapless shape, which makes it more elegant. When choosing colour, it’s safer to opt for a classic shape to turn heads for the right reasons rather than it seeming like you are trying too hard.

Who do you think looked the best? Will you watch the film?

Love Zoex


3rd February 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin