Things to Do With the Kids This Half Term

Can you believe it, Half Term already! The year is going so fast and so if you’re thinking, it feels like you’ve blinked and the kids are off school and you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do to entertain them, then fear not.

We have a list of great ideas to keep the kids occupied over the Half Term break. Variety is the key, as everyone knows kids get bored easily – and keeping their little minds and bodies active too.

Have your Own Bake-Off Challenge

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Everyone loves Great British Bake Off – especially kids. The best thing about it is that you can watch it all as a family, and so many kids want to get into the kitchen as a result and make their own creations!

If it’s an especially rainy afternoon, baking is a Godsend. It doesn’t matter whether you have just the one little baker – or a group of them (although this can add a competitive edge to see who is crowned Master Baker!)

Just give them a theme, such as a film or book, or the ‘Showstopper Challenge’! All you need to supervise is the blender and some baking equipment, let them get creative and then you can enjoy the tasty treats afterwards.

Story (or Quiet!) Time

Another good idea for a rainy day is to get them to create a play of their favourite story. They can use fancy dress, make props, do a puppet show or even perform songs. But it should take up enough time for you to make a cuppa and have a biscuit – while waiting for them to perfect their show and ‘entertain’ you!

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Afterwards, hopefully they might be a bit tired out from all the acting and singing, so you can get them to pick a favourite book and have some ‘quiet’ time reading, and cuddling on the sofa.

Have a Sports Day

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To make sure they get a bit of exercise as well during the break, why not set up a mini Sports Day? Whether it’s just lying a few hula hoops on the floor for them to jump into (landing outside results in lost points!), skipping for a set number of skips, or even doing an egg and spoon race (with little bean bags or balls).

There are lots of cheap outdoor toys too if the weather’s good, such as footballs goals to see how many they can score, swingball and tents where they can have a picnic/ adventure!

Days out

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As a treat on one of the days, if you’re climbing the walls by then, there are some great days out there that don’t cost the earth. Obviously there’s always the usual museums, art galleries and local parks to be explored, but if you’re looking for something different, Virgin Experiences offer a range of activities.

From swinging around forests, to bouncing on giant trampoline nets in a cave – and wandering around London on the Harry Potter bus tour.

Mummy Blogger Tips for Half Term:

We asked one of our favourite mummy bloggers, Amy Treasure from, what she does with her kids at Half Term:

  1. You definitely need a plan in the half term! I would recommend reading local blogs for ideas on what to do. Quite often there will be suggestions depending on good or bad weather so you have your bases covered. I also check the local library noticeboard as they always put on activities for the kids during school holidays.
  2. We really enjoy baking together as a family, Holly (16) is at an age where she can happily supervise Rose (3) in the kitchen and they have lots of fun baking cupcakes and decorating them.
  3. All three children enjoy being outdoors and we’ve always encouraged them to come with us on long walks in the woods behind our house, we’re really lucky that we have so much green space for them to kick a ball about and run off steam. Quite often we’ll pop across the Severn Bridge to Wales and go to the beach. We also make good use of our National Trust membership and do lots of days out visiting places of interest.
  4. My favourite Half Term memory has to be when we stayed in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. It was February half-term so pretty cold but we managed to do a boat trip out to Caldey Island and saw seals and puffins. The older kids even went boogie boarding in the sea! There’s lots of places to stop for a piece of cake and a cup of tea and you can’t beat fish and chips on the beach. Just thinking about that holiday brings back so many happy memories for me



5th February 2017
Written by Vanessa Margetts