International Women’s Day 2017: What The Stars Did

International Women’s Day on 8 March is a day when we can celebrate being a woman and thank all our fabulous female friends and family members who inspire us! This year, the day had an extra political theme with the campaign A Day Without Women. This saw women around the world march (or at least wear the colour red) to fight for the equity, justice and human rights of women around the world. Girl power!

A lot of celebs joined in with the cause, using their social media influence to show their support. It was so inspiring to see that even though they’re famous, they’re still proud to be women and realise they’re luckier than lots of other women in poorer countries. These gorgeous celebs got particularly involved, which makes us love them even more:

Anne Hathaway

Anne gave a speech to the UN, delivering a powerful message about equal rights. What was really impressive was that she was cool, calm and beautiful as she spoke in a red jumpsuit. Just because she has brains and a heart, she can still be glamorous and care about fashion.

Khloe Kardashian

Wearing red, Khloe posted a stunning selfie to Instagram to show that she was 100 % committed to the Day Without Women cause. She’s showing off all her womanly curves in that bodycon dress, posing like she’s proud to be a woman and us ladies should celebrate what makes us beautiful. When you feel pretty, you have the confidence to make changes and achieve powerful things.

Brie Larson

At the premiere of her new film Kong: Skull Island, Brie showed off a red maxi dress to the world’s media and then posted some more selfies on Instagram to make sure we all got the message. Brie made headlines at The Oscars when she appeared to be less than thrilled to present Casey Affleck with his award – this is a lady who is brave enough to show what she’s thinking and we could all do more of that.

Karlie Kloss

The supermodel and BFF of Taylor Swift attended a women’s event in New York, giving a nod to the movement in a red jacket. She later posed for a toilet selfie, explaining that she was proud to be a lady on International Women’s Day. Karlie has a tech business, a cookie-making business, is a successful model and has lots of strong female friends – she shows that there’s no limit to what we can do if we put our minds to it.

Kerry Washington

Kerry was filming her hit TV show Scandal so she was unable to march, but she let her Instagram followers know that she would have been there if she wasn’t filming. Kerry is a real girls girl and this selfie shows she’s not afraid to be her natural self in a red tracksuit. She’s confident enough to show everyone what she’s really like when the cameras aren’t rollling – that’s inspiring!

Emma Watson

Wearing a cosy red jumper to beat the spring chill, Emma went on a book-dropping mission on the New York subway. She wants to encourage more women to read and so left several female friendly books in accessible places in the hope that women would pick them up and learn something new.

Alicia Keys

Alicia spent the day with husband Swiss Beatz, who posted this stunning image on his Instagram page. Ok, we’re not sure if her maxi dress is red or not but she does look fierce and powerful and she’s a working mum, which means she’s a strong lady. Also, she was brave enough to go to celeb parties without make-up on, which made a lot of other women question why the relied so heavily on make-up. It looks like she’s on a well-earned holiday now.

What did you do on International Women’s Day? Hopefully it will have involved something fun – we all deserve to treat ourselves on at least one day of the year!

Love Zoex


14th March 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin