Celeb Spotting At Cosmo’s Self Made Summit

Sometimes we all need a bit of motivation and self-belief to get out of a rut and start aiming higher. And when we’re surrounded by inspirational and successful women, it’s a lot easier to believe that anything is possible. At Cosmopolitan Magazine’s first ever careers summit, sponsored by Very and attended by business leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who have set up their own businesses, the atmosphere was electric!

The speakers let us into their worlds, firing us up into believing that we could change our lives. The job market is tough right now but the goal of the summit was to show us how well we’re already doing simply by surviving and hoping and to help everyone take big strides towards achieving their dreams.

Fashion Queen Olivia Palermo rarely gives interviews – she’s usually seen and not heard – but she shared some key style tips and talked about her journey. She’s a great example of how dressing smartly can help you get where you want to be and looked super cool on stage in a checked trouser suit with a black waistcoat. She’s always been a big fan of layering and it’s a flattering outfit.

Another lady who always looks appropriate for her job is Caroline Flack. On TV, she has a signature style of shorts, which has become her look. At the Cosmo self-made summit, where she interviewed vlogger Alfie Deyes, she looked fantastic in boyfriend jeans with a black blazer. She’s one of us and she dresses to reflect that.

The event featured a lot of the best bloggers and vloggers, who are all self-made. They’ve created their own careers and explained how they did that. Louise Pentland from Sprinkle of Glitr not only looked fabulous in a pink midi dress in the colour of the Cosmo and Very pink, but she was enthusiastic and motivating and made everyone who wasn’t already vlogging, question why they weren’t.

Between the pink lights was a great spot to take those all important Instagram selfies and Made in Chelsea star turned fashion blogger Rosie Fortescue posed in the same spot to show off her grey trouser suit after her Q&A. She’s an example of someone who started one career in TV but always had a dream to be in fashion and turned her life around.

But one of the most entertaining talks was by comedienne and TV presenter Katherine Ryan. She’s so quick-witted, she had most of the audience howling in their seats as well as making everyone feel uplifted and ready to conquer the world. How cool is the print of her bold, multi-colour dress?

Between the talks and networking opportunities, attendees checked out the latest collections and put together their dream new look.

This was Cosmo’s first ever self-made summit but judging by the packed rooms in London’s County Hall and the happy faces everywhere, there will be more. Stay tuned!


25th April 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin