King Arthur Film Premiere: Red Carpet Style

Guy Ritchie’s epic film King Arthur has pushed back its release date several times, but it’s been worth the wait if last night’s premiere was anything to go by. Starring a selection of his celebrity friends including David Beckham and Cara Delevingne’s sister Poppy as well as his wife Jacqui Ritchie, there’s an all-star cast and no expense has been spared on the special effects either.

Some of the knights of the round table came out to celebrate the premiere, posing next to guests on the red carpet. We especially liked the one posing next to Charlie Hunnam which you can see at the end of this blog post as we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a bit of eye candy and Charlie looks so handsome in his suit!

The actresses and female guests all went for maxi dresses for a glamorous evening look. Let’s have a closer look:

Poppy Delevingne

It’s her first big-budget film in years and Poppy made sure all eyes were on her on the red carpet in a slinky black maxi dress. Not only is the dress super flattering, but it means her pretty wavy hair and diamond choker get noticed, which add to the luxe effect of this look. If you have a clever way to accessorise, then black is a great colour to wear.

Annabelle Wallis

She’s usually in the press for being Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s girlfriend or for her role in British TV drama Peaky Blinders, but now British actress Annabelle Wallis has made it to Hollywood! She plays Maid Marian, the lady who sees King Arthur pull Excalibur from the lake and the role has given her a taste for more as she dressed to get noticed on the red carpet!

Her multi-coloured maxi dress has so many patterns, you just don’t know where to look. As she’s starring in a film with so many hot male actors, she needed as bold dress like this to make sure she got some attention.

Christina Milian

The American singer looked simply gorgeous in her green maxi dress that perfectly showed off her stunning figure. The best thing about green is that it’s not a common choice of dress, even though it flatters both brunettes and blondes. You’ll always make an entrance in a dress like this as people will notice you walk into a room and now summer’s here, we should all go brighter and have more fun with colour.

Guy and Jacqui Ritchie

Jacqui has a quintessentially British style and looked super chic at the premiere in an orange maxi dress that would have looked equally good for daytime. This is a dress that you could wear anywhere all summer long and with her hair swept back from her face, Jacqui looks young and pretty. Sometimes, the simpler the dress, the younger we look.

Gianna Simone

She’s an up and coming actress, best known for her part in Star Trek, but Gianna knows how to work the red carpet already. A loose monochrome maxi dress is ideal for this time of year as the floaty material will keep you cool all night long and the white part of the dress looks bright and uplifting. What do you think of this look?

And here’s a look at the main man – Charlie Hunnam – who’s playing Arthur

Look at that smile! Those teeth! Charlie is very much the macho hero in King Arthur and spends a lot of time with his top off. Although he looks magnificent in a suit, he looks even better in the film.

Whose red carpet style do you admire the most? This shows that there are several ways to do formal fashion – black and green can look equally stunning.

Love Zoex

9th May 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin