Met Ball Gala 2017: Top 10 Celeb Outfits

The Met Ball is the biggest night in fashion. It’s more spectacular than the Oscars as it brings together stars from music, acting, politics and fashion for one night only. Plus there’s always a theme so the stars are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and this usually results in some spectacular sights.

This year, the theme was to wear bold, colourful outfits inspired by the architectural style of Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo. It will cheer you up to look at what some of the stars wore and maybe give you some ideas about what to wear to make a statement.

Let’s have a closer look at the Top 10 most fabulously dressed celebrities:

(1) Rihanna

You can trust Rihanna to make a theme her own. She doesn’t just follow the theme, she re-invents it and she looks utterly fabulous. This isn’t the easiest red dress to wear, but it definitely follows the architectural style of the night.

(2) Kylie Jenner

This is Kylie’s second Met Ball Gala and she killed it in a gold dress. She also showed off a brand new hairstyle on the night, which got people talking. If you want to guarantee that people notice you, do something different with your hair as well as your dress…just in case.

(3) Cara Delevingne

She’s temporarily swapped fashion for acting but Cara Delevingne’s lost none of her inner style. She looked futuristic but elegant in a silver trouser suit with silver heels and her ice blonde hair sprayed silver. She could guarantee nobody else would have had an outfit like her when she put on this!

(4) Chrissy Teigen

Volume was one of the key features of Rei Kawakubo and Chrissy Teigen takes that and reinvents it in a feminine way in her monochrome maxi dress embellished with flowers. With a dress like this all you need to do with your hair is tie it in a simple bun as you want the dress to take center stage.

(5) Gisele Bundchen

Gisele wore one of the least adventurous dresses of the night, but she looked gorgeous in her grey maxi dress so she gets away with it. This is the eighth Met Ball Gala she’s attended with partner Tom Brady so she knows the event and feels she doesn’t have to try as much. This is effortless cool.

(6) Blake Lively

Blake looked sensational in her gold dress with blue feather train. The gold dress in itself would have been fabulous but the blue feathers make it fit the theme more and also make it more fun to wear as you randomly notice a blue trail following you throughout the night. Notice Blake’s ear-rings complement both elements of the dress as they’re blue and gold.

(7) Jennifer Lopez

JLo looked like a princess at the Gala in her blue maxi dress. She’s showed off a lot of her famously curvy figure in dresses in the past but she looks equally good when she’s wearing a formal dress like this. With her hair swept over one shoulder, she oozes old school Hollywood glamour.

(8) Sofia Coppola

The film director looked stunning in a classic gold dress which was simple but stylish. It’s chic, elegant and uncomplicated which is great for those of us who want to wear a dress rather than it wearing us.

(9) Ruth Negga

The Irish actress fitted in perfectly with the American movers and shakers – her white maxi dress with a delicate floral print was really attention grabbing with its splits on both sides. The colour perfectly complements her skin tone and the shape makes us look twice as it’s so unique, which fits the theme perfectly.

(10) Katy Perry

As the host of the ball, Katy had to look a little different and she certainly did that in a statement red maxi dress with matching headpiece. It’s not exactly pretty but she wanted to be fierce rather than feminine that night. What do you think?

Who do you think looked the best overall?

Love Zoex

2nd May 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin