Glastonbury 2017: Festival Fashion

There’s a reason why Glastonbury tickets sell out in minutes – the line-up is spectacular and the whole weekend is packed full of activities. As well as live music, you can get massages and spiritual healing, watch comedy and get your tastebuds round some tasty festival street  food.

Coachella may be warmer but our Glasto has tons more atmosphere and character. Us Brits know how to put on a show and can enjoy ourselves come rain, wind or shine. We accept that our weather’s not perfect and dress accordingly, making the saying true that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad outfits’.

If you’ve got any festivals coming up in July, August or September, looking at some of the best Glasto outfits can help you work out your own festival wardrobe to weather all storms. Here are our top 8 outfits with reasons why they rock:

Millie Mackintosh

Millie looked comfortable as well as stylish in her black denim shorts and the festival classic – Hunter Wellies. With the Quality slogan on her t-shirt she’s making a nod to her family history as she’s part of the Mackintosh family which made Quality Street. But one of the best parts of her outfit was the utility jacket embellished with gold buttons as it’s practical but just that little bit more fashionable than a standard parka.


Lorde was a performer so she had to stand out but her multi-colour jumpsuit is a perfect festival outfit. It’s bold and bright but it’s also warm and easy to move in. You could easily throw a large rain coat over it whenever it rains and when the coats off and the flowers come out again, it’s a sign that the signs out. This outfit will make everyone feel happy.

Suki Waterhouse

Suki’s been going to Glastonbury for years and she knows how to do it in style. Her denim shorts are super flattering helping her to look stylish whatever the weather. With a casual waterproof jacket, she also has the confidence that she can weather any storm and look hot.


Beyonce may have just have had her twins but it was Solange’s turn to be in the spotlight at Glastonbury! To make the most of it, she dressed to impress in an all red outfit. It’s bold and it’s daring but it’s one way to cheer up the festival field. The red top looks super cosy too, something to snuggle up in after a hard night.

Sophie Dahl

Sophie was at the side of the stage to watch her husband Jamie Cullum perform and although you couldn’t really see her outfit from where she was standing, we got the impression that she’d seamlessly combined glamour and practicality with a pretty white summer dress covered by a green military jacket. With an outfit like this, she’s ready for anything!

Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne 

Sienna and Poppy show that Glastonbury is all about sticking to your original style and nobody can judge you for it. Poppy’s got fantastic legs and she showed those off in black leggings while Sienna’s always been more of a boho babe and combines a floral skirt with a timeless brown jacket to bring the hippie look back to Glasto. Whose outfit do you like more?

Victoria Beckham

It’s a rare sight to see Victoria Beckham in a field, but there was no slumming it for her as she watched Ed Sheeran from the side of the stage with her husband David. However, compared to her usual uber polished style, she has gone for a casual look in jeans and a polka dot shirt. Polka dots are big this season and are a great way to make a practical festival outfit a tad more interesting.

Charli XCX

After performing on stage, Charli XCX stayed the whole weekend to enjoy herself and packed some cool outfits to do so. Denim shorts are a festival classic, but what’s best about this look is her cape. It allows her to show off her figure while knowing she can stay dry if the weather turns. Layering is a must at festivals!

Katy Perry

Yes, we know this makes 9 celeb outfits, but we couldn’t resist having another look at Katy Perry’s stage outfit. It’s a marmite outfit – you either love it or hate it – but it does show us we can take risks at Glastonbury if we like. When worn with attitude, you’ll pull it off.

What a festival! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your festival outfits this summer? As you can see, anything goes as long as it’s makes you feel comfortable and ready to rock!

Love Zoex

26th June 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin