How To Dress Like a Celeb At A Festival

With June here, festival season is in full swing! There will be a festival or day of music outside in a field every weekend from now until September. And we can’t wait to soak up the sun with our friends and have some new experiences – who’s with us?

With festivals there is no real dress code – anything goes! However, the trick is to wear things that are cute but durable and that you don’t mind ruining if the worst case scenario happens. Remember you’re at risk of rain, spilled drinks and general heat and sweat plus if you’re camping it’s almost impossible to keep things clean.

However, this weekend the stars showed that there are plenty of ways to look fabulous at festivals. The Isle of Wight Festival, the One for the Boys gig and the iHeart summer festival all took place in one weekend and these are the fashion highlights:

Pixie Lott at One For The Boys

Pixie looked stunning in a pretty tracksuit at the London festival. Monochrome check is a great way to get noticed and a really durable fabric and if you can’t dress up and improve a tracksuit at a festival, when can you?

If you follow Pixie’s Instagram, you’ll see she’s done a lot of gigs recently and there are many more to come. If she looks this good now, it will only improve later on in the year once she’s got into the festival groove. You always learn from the first festival you attend and tweak your wardrobe accordingly.

Abbey Clancy at Isle Of Wight

Abbey and Peter had a kids free weekend and they definitely made the most of it. Peter did his robot dance and Abbey just looked gorgeous. With her long legs, she looks fantastic in shorts and shorts are practical come rain or shine. If it’s hot they won’t make you sweat and if it’s wet they won’t stick or cling to your legs. A simple, casual black t-shirt helps her look every inch the rock chick.

Leona Lewis at Isle of Wight

Leona came back from her new home of LA for the Isle of Wight festival and caught up with all of her UK friends. Living in LA, there’s a more laid back dress code and Leona looked super cool in her denim outfit.

Denim is the ultimate festival material as it’s durable but also fashionable, especially distressed denim or embellished denim.  What do you think of Leona’s denim jacket and ripped denim shorts?

Miley Cyrus

Miley had a similar outfit to Leona for her stage performance – ripped denim shorts and a classic blue denim jacket. Her hair’s growing back and she’s never looked better. An outfit like this would flatter all of us – with the shorts hugging our waists and the denim jacket falling to below the waist, this outfit may be practical but it’s also super feminine. If you’re going to a gig or festival this season then don’t forget your denim!


Tinashe looked bold and beautiful in a red tracksuit, which clashed with her pink crop top. You can never have too much colour at a festival! Although the colour turns heads, she looks super comfortable. This is an outfit that you can really dance in without feeling any discomfort so you’ll have no excuse for not being the last one to go to bed.

Fifth Harmony

They’re America’s answer to Little Mix and Fifth Harmony even have similar outfits. Like Little Mix, they take a theme and wear it in different ways and for the iHeartSummer festival they choose military green. It’s a practical colour for when you’re outdoors but the high waisted shorts and crop tops will ensure that everyone knows you’ve made an effort. This is a great example of showing that you can still dress up at a festival as long as you make subtle changes in colour and footwear – boots are great but stilettos are a no-no.

Whose outfit inspires you the most? We can have a lot of fun with festival fashion this summer!

Love Zoex

12th June 2017
Written by Zoe Griffin