Celebrity Style Steal: Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse has made the tough transition from model to actress while a keeping a social life that most of us would kill for. She’s BFF’s with Cara Delevingne and she splits her time between London, New York and LA with party invites in each city.

In her most recent film Bad Batch, she starred alongside veteran actors like Keanu Reeves (lucky girl) and was reviewed well for her talent. She has screen presence to match how gorgeous she looks on and off screen. Suki always looks effortlessly cool without being unattainable. She never wears any super complicated pieces that we’re unlikely to find ourselves. This makes her style simple to copy, if you fancy adding a bit of attitude to your summer wardrobe.

Let’s have a closer look:

Suki’s Daytime Style

For a lunch date in LA, Suki managed to channel boho chic as well as elegance in a monochrome outfit. A bardot top is a great way to stay cool in hot weather and show off a hint of skin without worrying that you’re showing off too much or over-dressing and it looks fabulous with jeans as well as cropped trousers.

One of the prettiest bardot tops this season is the Miss Selfridge contrast stitch bardot top, which looks lovely with some loose cropped linen trousers like the V by Very linen mix crop trousers. It’s refreshing to see you don’t always need to wear heels as leather sandals like the Ugg Elin leather sandals look just as smart as higher summer sandals and they’re also very comfortable. For the ultimate celeb finish you’ll need some sunglasses and Suki’s are similar to the rose gold Rayban aviator sunglasses.

Suki’s Night-time style

Suki sure knows how to dress up to make an impression when it really matters. This black leather and mesh outfit turns heads but she looks chic rather than tarty thanks to the long skirt and the fact she’s used layers. With the leather jacket, it’s actually less revealing than a bodycon dress.

Our first step to copying this look is to find a super cool midi skirt that’s really a mini skirt if it’s judged by transparency – the Miss Selfridge premium pleat mesh skirt is ideal. The next key piece is the biker jacket, which is just like the Replay biker jacket. Wear it open over a crop top like Suki’s done and one of the most beautiful new crop tops is the Ultimo riley black crop top. Finish with some heels to allow you to walk with more attitude. All you need is a classic pair of elegant court shoes like the V by Very Melanie pointed court shoes.

What do you think of the outfits that the actress wears off-duty? She manages to look glamorous while being herself and has some great quality classic pieces that she could mix and match to create totally different looks. There’s nothing stopping us from doing the same!

Love Zoex

Serpentine Gallery Summer Party: Celeb Style Tips

Every summer, a new artist or interior designer is allowed free rein to create a temporary art gallery in London’s Hyde Park. And to open the pavillion in style, there’s always a massive celebrity party. The stars get to prove that they’re cultured and interested in art while the gallery gets lots of publicity to hopefully attract more visitors for the rest of the summer.

As the park’s in the heart of London it’s convenient to get to and that’s why there’s always a big celebrity turn-out. Everyone from Kate Moss to Madonna has attended in previous years. The designer in charge of the 2017 installation was Francis Kere from Burkina Faso – the first ever African artist to be given the honour – and he’s made a unique tree shaped structure bringing even more light, colour and energy to the park. And although there was no official dress code, many guests reflected the design of the building with their outfits, opting for light or metallic colours – perfect for summer nights!

Let’s have a closer look at some of the best celeb outfits for inspiration about how to dazzle at a party this season:

Charli XCX

White is one of the best colours to wear in summer as it makes us all look more tanned plus it’s fresh and chic. It’s an instant way to look more awake and alert, even if we don’t feel it. Recently, everyone from Kate Middleton to Rihanna has worn lace as you can make it look sophisticated and formal but it can also have an edge. Charli’s white dress looks super feminine but the lace makes it more interesting. The midi length ensures it doesn’t look too bridal.

Ellie Bamber

The young British actress stood out in a printed maxi dress with green sandals – she’s even wearing tree-like colours to fit in with the theme of the party. However, it is a beautiful tree as the chiffon material of the dress is absolutely stunning. Chiffon and silk are perfect fabrics for this time of year as they allow you to move in the heat but provide a bit of coverage if it’s windy.

Claudia Schiffer

The model looked super chic in a beige maxi dress that complemented her tan. She was one of the best-dressed of the night and what’s especially lovely about this dress is that it’s so simple that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. The green handbag means she still gets to enjoy a splash of colour and it stands out nicely against the dress, which will catch attention.

Tanya Burr

If you want to make a bold statement but you’re nervous about wearing full-on white then a monochrome dress can be just as eye-catching. It’s also flattering as the panels of black and white confuse the eye so it doesn’t linger on anything you’d rather hide and the black panels are slimming. With a simple pair of barely there sandals, Tanya looks smart and super elegant.

Anais Gallagher

Noel Gallagher’s model daughter may just be 17 but she knows what she’s doing when it comes to fashion. Her floral maxi dress is loose and floaty – great to move and dance in! It’s also cute how she wears socks with her platforms, making a style statement on her own as nobody else did that. She’s experimenting with fashion now and she’s doing an amazing job of it.

Arizona Muse

The model also opted for a strappy white dress, but hers had a rock chic edge with metallic embellishment all over it. What’s nice about this dress is that it’s really flattering thanks to the waist detail flaring out into a full skirt. Occasionally, summer dresses can swamp the figure if they’re too loose but this is a good mixture of figure-hugging but comfortable and doesn’t her tan look amazing in it?

Rita Ora

You can always rely on Rita to do something a little different! If everyone else is wearing brights, she’ll wear black but with a cheeky nod to the light trend with her white shoes. The black maxi skirt is a talking point in itself as it’s embellished with small flowers and makes her waist look tiny thanks to its large waistband. Skirts and tops are fantastic for giving us a gorgeous hourglass shape and Rita certainly stands out. She may get a little hot in her outfit by the end of the night, but at least she knows she’s made an impression.

Whose outfit do you think looks most summery?

Love Zoex

Glastonbury 2017: Festival Fashion

There’s a reason why Glastonbury tickets sell out in minutes – the line-up is spectacular and the whole weekend is packed full of activities. As well as live music, you can get massages and spiritual healing, watch comedy and get your tastebuds round some tasty festival street  food.

Coachella may be warmer but our Glasto has tons more atmosphere and character. Us Brits know how to put on a show and can enjoy ourselves come rain, wind or shine. We accept that our weather’s not perfect and dress accordingly, making the saying true that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad outfits’.

If you’ve got any festivals coming up in July, August or September, looking at some of the best Glasto outfits can help you work out your own festival wardrobe to weather all storms. Here are our top 8 outfits with reasons why they rock:

Millie Mackintosh

Millie looked comfortable as well as stylish in her black denim shorts and the festival classic – Hunter Wellies. With the Quality slogan on her t-shirt she’s making a nod to her family history as she’s part of the Mackintosh family which made Quality Street. But one of the best parts of her outfit was the utility jacket embellished with gold buttons as it’s practical but just that little bit more fashionable than a standard parka.


Lorde was a performer so she had to stand out but her multi-colour jumpsuit is a perfect festival outfit. It’s bold and bright but it’s also warm and easy to move in. You could easily throw a large rain coat over it whenever it rains and when the coats off and the flowers come out again, it’s a sign that the signs out. This outfit will make everyone feel happy.

Suki Waterhouse

Suki’s been going to Glastonbury for years and she knows how to do it in style. Her denim shorts are super flattering helping her to look stylish whatever the weather. With a casual waterproof jacket, she also has the confidence that she can weather any storm and look hot.


Beyonce may have just have had her twins but it was Solange’s turn to be in the spotlight at Glastonbury! To make the most of it, she dressed to impress in an all red outfit. It’s bold and it’s daring but it’s one way to cheer up the festival field. The red top looks super cosy too, something to snuggle up in after a hard night.

Sophie Dahl

Sophie was at the side of the stage to watch her husband Jamie Cullum perform and although you couldn’t really see her outfit from where she was standing, we got the impression that she’d seamlessly combined glamour and practicality with a pretty white summer dress covered by a green military jacket. With an outfit like this, she’s ready for anything!

Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne 

Sienna and Poppy show that Glastonbury is all about sticking to your original style and nobody can judge you for it. Poppy’s got fantastic legs and she showed those off in black leggings while Sienna’s always been more of a boho babe and combines a floral skirt with a timeless brown jacket to bring the hippie look back to Glasto. Whose outfit do you like more?

Victoria Beckham

It’s a rare sight to see Victoria Beckham in a field, but there was no slumming it for her as she watched Ed Sheeran from the side of the stage with her husband David. However, compared to her usual uber polished style, she has gone for a casual look in jeans and a polka dot shirt. Polka dots are big this season and are a great way to make a practical festival outfit a tad more interesting.

Charli XCX

After performing on stage, Charli XCX stayed the whole weekend to enjoy herself and packed some cool outfits to do so. Denim shorts are a festival classic, but what’s best about this look is her cape. It allows her to show off her figure while knowing she can stay dry if the weather turns. Layering is a must at festivals!

Katy Perry

Yes, we know this makes 9 celeb outfits, but we couldn’t resist having another look at Katy Perry’s stage outfit. It’s a marmite outfit – you either love it or hate it – but it does show us we can take risks at Glastonbury if we like. When worn with attitude, you’ll pull it off.

What a festival! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your festival outfits this summer? As you can see, anything goes as long as it’s makes you feel comfortable and ready to rock!

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Katy Perry’s Summer Chic

Katy Perry is now top of the US Billboard Charts with her recent album Witness – her third album to reach the No 1 slot. However, she has had to work hard to achieve her success as the album initially debuted at No 40. It climbed over a period of weeks through interviews, promotions, live gigs and a YouTube stunt in which she broadcast her life non-stop for 4 days. That’s dedication for you!

Now due to perform at Glastonbury, she’s stayed cool despite her hectic schedule by wearing some gorgeous light summer dresses that she pairs with comfy but stylish footwear and some cute accessories. The right jewellery can really light up our faces and make us look more awake, even if we don’t feel it.

Let’s have a closer look at some of Katy’s most recent outfits for some inspiration about how to stay cool and look like we don’t have a care in the world even when we’re super busy:

Katy’s White LBD

At the concert for Manchester organised by Ariana Grande, Katy showed how a little white dress can look both attention grabbing and sophisticated at the same. Wearing white boots with a white dress adds to the boldness of the look but nothing is too revealing and you don’t look like you’re trying too hard in an outfit like this.

It’s simple to copy with a classic white dress like the River Island wrap front white dress with some low heel and easy to wear boots like the Office Agnes cut out Western Boots. Look closely and you’ll see Katy has jewellery snaking up her ears so for the ultimate celebrity finish add some pretty ear-rings like the V by Very 4 pack rose gold ear-rings.

Katy’s Green Dream Dress

What’s cool about this outfit that Katy wore during her epic YouTube broadcast is that she takes a statement pleated green dress that would normally be worn to a posh formal event or party and dressed it down. People will automatically think that if you can dress down such a striking dress, your wardrobe must be fabulous as you’re wearing for casual what most people would wear to a special occasion.

For a green pleated dress like Katy’s, try the V by Very pleated midi dress, which recently had the seal of approval from Vogue magazine. Then combine with some super comfortable flats like the V by Very tabby footbed twist detail sandals. You’ll be able to move around with ease and feel loose and floaty and definitely ready for a last-minute party invitation. Finish with a choker like Katy did with the V by Very diamante detail wide choker.

The trick to Katy’s effortlessly chic look is to take one statement piece and combine it with regular footwear then top off with a stylish accessory. Which outfit do you like the most? Now you know Katy’s secret, you can mix and match your own dresses and accessories like this for the rest of the summer – enjoy!

Love Zoex

Cannes Lions Festival: Ways To Dress Smartly In Summer

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is a week of talks analysing the entertainment business. Stars attend not to promote their latest album/movie but to talk about how they’ve worked their way up through the business.

This year’s line-up was very impressive. Model Karlie Kloss gave a talk about coding and hosted a workshop afterwards while Dita Von Teese was scientifically focused talking about how and why music affects people.

As the weather in Cannes was just as hot as in the UK, the challenge was on for the stars to find outfits that were smart but allowed them to stay cool and fresh on stage. Here are some of the festival highlights in terms of talks and outfits worn to present those talks:

Karlie Kloss

The model and BFF of Taylor Swift had to keep her mind and body cool to host her workshop on computer coding. But when you have a model reputation to uphold, you can’t exactly be scruffy, can you? Her trick was to wear a gorgeous green midi skirt combined with a sleek black cami, which allowed her statement skirt to stand out as well as helping her to feel some fresh air on her shoulders. This is a great office look and you could always add a light blazer to put on after the commute if you’re worried about showing off too much skin at work.

Demi Lovato

The US singer kept her outfit simple with a tailored jumpsuit. In hot weather, jumpsuits and playsuits are ideal as you don’t need to worry about them getting creased or crumpled in the heat. Combine with a pair of strappy sandals to keep your feet cool. Shoes with a chunky heel are best so that you have a bit of extra height and confidence but still feel comfortable.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry talked about the importance of social media on your brand and how not to ruin your reputation with some ill-advised postings. For this serious subject, she wore a  power dress.  Her black mini dress has a loose cape detail so it covers her arms like a blazer but keeps her cool at the same time. This is a gorgeous look that really means business.


She’s the only solo female artist to have a No 1 album in the US Billboard chart in the whole of 2017 so far with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and on stage, everyone wanted to hear how she did it! The first thing is that she has a unique image, which is her personal brand. Not everyone could get away with a floral suit and blue hair but she pulls it off with such attitude, we wonder why we’re not all doing it. Summer is a great time to take risks and be bolder with your outfits.

Dita Von Teese

Dita has a ladylike style and she showed that you can look elegant in hot weather in a 50s style prom dress. Matching the red shoes to the red print of the dress really shows that she’s made an effort and is easy for everyone to do. You could wear an outfit like this to a summer wedding and wow all your friends and family.

Whose summer style do you admire the most?


Five Ways To Wear White Like A Celeb

Summer is finally here! Right now, our wardrobes are turning white. With some particularly lovely white jeans, tops and dresses around, there are many options available even to the white novice.

The celebrities, who are usually on top of the trends, started wearing white as soon as they saw the first sunny day. Seeing their pics should make us all braver to try it as they show that it’s more flattering and easier to wear than we may have thought. For example, the jeans and t-shirts are comfy but cool – the ultimate in dressed-down chic – but the colour lifts the complexion so we all feel more tanned and healthier, even if we haven’t been away.

Here are five different ways we can all dip into the trend:

(1) Ariana Grande’s Lace Dress

For smart summer occasions like a wedding or a garden party or the horse races, a white dress looks ultra sophisticated. It hugs your figure, helping you to feel glamorous, but the length of the hem and the sleeves ensure you’re not flashing too much flesh so you adhere to any formal dress code. Ariana’s dress is similar to the Little Mistress long sleeve crochet dress.

(2) Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s White Jeans

White jeans are a wardrobe essential at this time of year! They really brighten up an outfit and make us feel really summery as they only come out in the warmer months. The ones that Kendall and Gigi have been wearing are super skinny and fall to just above the ankles, which actually helps to make your legs look longer – not that the models really need it but it every little helps, right? Their jeans are very similar to the V by Very Florence skinny jeans if you fancy an easy way to look like a supermodel this summer.

(3) Vanessa Hudgens’ White Summer Dress

A white dress is a great way to keep cool as it’s light and breezy so there’s nothing to cling onto our skin. However, it’s also really feminine and ideal for us girly girls.  Plus as it’s so simple, you can wear it often and reinvent it with different accessories. It would look great with espadrilles, wedges or pumps and then you can also change your jewellery and bag to make it look different each time. The V by Very embroidered mirror detail dress is similar to Vanessa’s.

(4) Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston’s White T-shirt

Taylor and Jennifer are both experts at picking cool, classic everyday outfits that are super simple but make them look groomed and stylish. Their secret? They pick well-made items that don’t date and fit them beautifully and then finish with sunglasses for the ultimate ‘celebrity at rest’ look. As you can see, a white t-shirt looks just as good with blue jeans as it does with leather shorts so you’ll get a lot of use out of it. Try the V by Very perfect scoop neck t-shirt.

(5) Selena Gomez’s  Party Dress

White is a fabulous colour to wear to a party as it really helps you to make an entrance. People can’t help but notice a white dress and if it complements your summer tan, even better! The choker detail on Selena’s dress taks it from an average little white dress to something a little bit extraordinary and there’s one on the TFNC Tulip midi dress too. This dress would suit bar or club and turn heads wherever you go.

Ready to wear some white? Whether you’re a dress person or a jeans and t-shirt person, there’s something out there for us all.

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Kimberly Walsh’s Summertime Chic

After hanging up the microphone with Girls Aloud, Kimberly Walsh has picked it up again for TV presenting. We can now see her on This Morning, presenting fashion segments and giving us all inspiration about what to wear in the summer months.

However, you don’t even have to watch the show to see that Kimberly knows her stuff when it comes to fashion. She chooses clothes that flatter her figure and showcase her curves without spending a million dollars to do so. Kimberley shows that a more feminine, elegant look is achievable with a little careful wardrobe planning. And even better news is that her clothes are practical for everyday life too – she’s a mum of two after all.

Here’s how to day daytime chic and summer party glamour like the pretty singer turned TV star:

Daytime Chic

For her work on This Morning, Kimberley turned up to the ITV studios in a denim pencil skirt that enhanced her slim waist and gorgeous hourglass shape. This is an outfit for all occasions from a weekend city break to a day out shopping the to the school run. It’s one of the rare outfits that looks just as pretty as it is practical.

To copy it, start with the Warehouse denim skirt and wear it high on the waist. Then choose a bardot top to tuck into it – the V by Very rib bardot top is just perfect. Finish with a low heel sandal like the Carvela shadow low block heeled sandal for a little bit of extra height and lift without any discomfort. White sandals are also super summery!

Red Hot Party Style

For a recent showbiz bash, Kimberley looked like a goddess in a flowing red maxi dress. The haltrneck detail at the top and the embellished metallic at the side give it a luxe twist and make it stand out more than the average red dress.

This dress is very similar to the Little Mistress embellished maxi dress and a metallic bag would bring out the detail in it even more. Try the Chi Chi London cut out metallic bag. For the ultimate lady in red effect, finish with a scarlet lip using something like the Max factor Marilyn red collection lipstick.

What do you think of Kimberley’s style?

Love Zoex

Capital FM Summertime Ball: Celebs’ Outfit Inspiration

Hands up if you like pop music! The capital FM summertime ball was like an explosion of the best of the UK music charts onto the stage at Wembley Arena.

It was one of the best gigs in London for ages as there were so many artists, all doing two or three songs each. We were always left wanting more – there was never a dull moment!

The same could be said of the clothes as the celebs all wore colourful outfits and went to maximum effort to give us all something to look at. If you’d like to inject some colour into your summer wardrobe but don’t know where to begin, check out how the stars did it for some summer colour inspiration:

Rita Ora

Rita always surprises us when it comes to fashion as she reinvents herself in so many ways. Sometimes she’s in sportswear, sometimes she’s in a super bold bodycon outfit and other times she looks classy and chic as she did in this boho maxi dress. It hugs her figure at the top and nips in at the waist before flowing out into a full skirt so there’s no hiding her gorgeous curves. With her hair loose, in smooth waves and a bit of bounce, she’s dressed up the boho trend for a party environment – what do you think?

Zara Larsson

Sticking with plain denim shorts on her bottom half, Zara could afford to experiment with her top and she certainly did that with a bright red jacket. When you have a top as bold as this, it’s best to stick to neutrals and classics elsewhere so you can really let the statement piece shine.

Ella Eyre

Ella’s always had a sporty style and her summertime ball didn’t deviate from that with her crop top and mini skirt showing off her toned abs and legs. But what we like most about this outfit is the accessories – check out the fluffy blue stole and the pastel blue nail polish. It’s the little colourful detail like this that really makes an outfit.

Little Mix

Little Mix also did boho chic in various degrees of colour and every one of them rocked it. It’s impressive how these ladies can take a trend and interpret it in their own ways. Perrie’s white mini dress was super girly while Jesy’s jumpsuit was attention-grabbing and on trend. Then check out their footwear – the laces and fur add an extra luxe detail to their looks.

Louisa Johnson

The former X Factor singer started with the statement leather skirt and picked the rest of her look to complement the skirt. The strappy sandals really lengthen and help tone her legs even more while the casual top stops her from looking like she’s tried too hard. Her style sense has really evolved since her X Factor Days.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee has her own unique laid-back LA chic look and she sticks to it. Well, if she looks that cool in casual wear, she shouldn’t need to change for anyone. The white boots help elevate this look from streetwear to partywear and the contrasting shades of blue make it more interesting. Jeans, heels and a colourful top are an easy but effective way to wear colour and make an impact this summer while still feeling comfortable.

Vick Hope

As the compere and host of the night, Vick had to go the extra mile and she did that with a pink trouser suit. The fuschia colour really suited her hair and skin tone and it might have given her some extra energy as she was a lively, energetic host. If you’re feeling brave, wearing a colour like this will definitely bring out your wild side and give you an extra energy boost. You’ll know when you try it on if it suits you or not and if it makes you smile when you look in the mirror, then go for it. Sometimes, the brighter the better!

Who do you think wore colour best? We’re looking forward to a bright, colourful summer!

Love Zoex

How To Dress Like a Celeb At A Festival

With June here, festival season is in full swing! There will be a festival or day of music outside in a field every weekend from now until September. And we can’t wait to soak up the sun with our friends and have some new experiences – who’s with us?

With festivals there is no real dress code – anything goes! However, the trick is to wear things that are cute but durable and that you don’t mind ruining if the worst case scenario happens. Remember you’re at risk of rain, spilled drinks and general heat and sweat plus if you’re camping it’s almost impossible to keep things clean.

However, this weekend the stars showed that there are plenty of ways to look fabulous at festivals. The Isle of Wight Festival, the One for the Boys gig and the iHeart summer festival all took place in one weekend and these are the fashion highlights:

Pixie Lott at One For The Boys

Pixie looked stunning in a pretty tracksuit at the London festival. Monochrome check is a great way to get noticed and a really durable fabric and if you can’t dress up and improve a tracksuit at a festival, when can you?

If you follow Pixie’s Instagram, you’ll see she’s done a lot of gigs recently and there are many more to come. If she looks this good now, it will only improve later on in the year once she’s got into the festival groove. You always learn from the first festival you attend and tweak your wardrobe accordingly.

Abbey Clancy at Isle Of Wight

Abbey and Peter had a kids free weekend and they definitely made the most of it. Peter did his robot dance and Abbey just looked gorgeous. With her long legs, she looks fantastic in shorts and shorts are practical come rain or shine. If it’s hot they won’t make you sweat and if it’s wet they won’t stick or cling to your legs. A simple, casual black t-shirt helps her look every inch the rock chick.

Leona Lewis at Isle of Wight

Leona came back from her new home of LA for the Isle of Wight festival and caught up with all of her UK friends. Living in LA, there’s a more laid back dress code and Leona looked super cool in her denim outfit.

Denim is the ultimate festival material as it’s durable but also fashionable, especially distressed denim or embellished denim.  What do you think of Leona’s denim jacket and ripped denim shorts?

Miley Cyrus

Miley had a similar outfit to Leona for her stage performance – ripped denim shorts and a classic blue denim jacket. Her hair’s growing back and she’s never looked better. An outfit like this would flatter all of us – with the shorts hugging our waists and the denim jacket falling to below the waist, this outfit may be practical but it’s also super feminine. If you’re going to a gig or festival this season then don’t forget your denim!


Tinashe looked bold and beautiful in a red tracksuit, which clashed with her pink crop top. You can never have too much colour at a festival! Although the colour turns heads, she looks super comfortable. This is an outfit that you can really dance in without feeling any discomfort so you’ll have no excuse for not being the last one to go to bed.

Fifth Harmony

They’re America’s answer to Little Mix and Fifth Harmony even have similar outfits. Like Little Mix, they take a theme and wear it in different ways and for the iHeartSummer festival they choose military green. It’s a practical colour for when you’re outdoors but the high waisted shorts and crop tops will ensure that everyone knows you’ve made an effort. This is a great example of showing that you can still dress up at a festival as long as you make subtle changes in colour and footwear – boots are great but stilettos are a no-no.

Whose outfit inspires you the most? We can have a lot of fun with festival fashion this summer!

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Get Caroline Flack’s Summer Glow

Love Island is back on our TV screens for a third series and host Caroline Flack is in charge of another villa full of fun singletons looking to couple up with the partner of their dreams. If you want to add some spice to your summer, this is essential viewing and it’s on every single night on ITV2.

While the contestants live in bikinis, which in itself is great inspiration for summer holidays, Caroline always looks pretty in summer dresses or shorts and t-shirt sets when she comes in to surprise the contestants and shake things up. If you want to look fresh and pretty this summer without it looking like you’ve tried too hard then have a little look to see what Caroline’s wearing and it will give you some ideas.

Let’s have a closer look at one of her best party looks and one of her best day looks for our beach to club outfits this holiday season:

Summer Party Style

Caroline added some Spanish flamenco style to the Glamour Woman of the Year awards in a frill maxi dress which had a lovely side split to show off her tanned and toned legs. Imagine dancing in a dress like that – it would move as you do – and people would have to stop and stare!

For a similar look, try the Little Mistress frill maxi dress which has equally eye-catching movement. Wear with a simple pair of barely-there sandals like the V by Very buttercup mid heel ankle strap sandals and hair in loose waves for the ultimate effortlessly pretty look. The Cloud Nine waving wand will help to create soft waves on all hair types so even those of us with naturally straight hair can look like we’ve just stepped off the beach.

Beach Chic

At the Love Island Villa, one of Caroline’s prettiest outfits had to be this pink bardot dress. It complemented her skin tone perfectly and the bardot neckline made it all look so relaxed and cool – she was stunning without it looking like she’d spent all day getting ready.

Happily, this is an easy look to copy so we can all look and feel a bit better in hot weather this year. Start with the V by Very bow bardot dress in blush pink and add the gorgeous River Island lazercut block heel shoe boots that are a slightly contrasting colour to make the shade of the dress pop even more. Finish with a pretty light pink or nude lip gloss like the Bourjois Rouge Velvet lip gloss in Happy Nude that lasts for ages, so you don’t need to worry about it fading or melting in the heat.

Do you like Caroline’s style? She shows you don’t need to do much to look great this summer – a couple of well-fitted and eye-catching dresses with simple accessories will make everyone think you’re effortlessly cool.

Happy Holidays!

Love Zoex

Glamour Woman Of The Year Awards: Summer Dress Inspiration

Glamour Magazine’s Woman  Of The Year Awards is one of the highlights of the summer season. Held in a marquee in the middle of Berkley Square in London’s Mayfair, it’s an occasion to get dressed up and celebrate some fabulous women. It’s an inspiring evening!

On the night, the weather wasn’t great but that didn’t stop the stars from wearing summery outfits. There was lots of colour to brighten up what was already a positive event.

Let’s have a closer look at 10 of the best-dressed celebrities for some summer party inspiration:

Nicole Kidman

Nicole’s purple dress was such an original colour – she really stood out when she walked in. At the Cannes film festival, she was promoting four different movies and all that red carpet dressing in the South Of France has made her a pro at keeping cool and looking stunning on a red carpet. The loose flowing sleeves are a nice touch as they add some structure but also catch some air to make sure she stays feeling fresh.

Frankie Sandford

The former Saturdays singer looked simply stunning in a pale grey maxi dress embellished with lace flowers. The bodycon shape hugs her curves before flowing out into a fuller skirt. With it’s elegant short sleeves and modest neckline, this is a sophisticated option for a summer party and would look particularly impressive at a work event.

Emma Willis

The host of The Voice and Big Brother won Best TV Presenter and she certainly stood out when she collected it on stage in her red trouser suit. Emma often wears trousers or a jumpsuit on the red carpet and it was refreshing to see that she didn’t compromise on her style because of the awards ceremony or the weather. The red colour is ideal for this time of year as it’s so cheerful!

Lily James

The Cinderella actress looked like something out of a fairytale herself in a pretty floral maxi dress. Look closer and you’ll see that the fabric is especially gorgeous – it’s soft and a light kind of velvet so it would feel lovely next to her skin. This is a true Princess dress.

Rochelle Humes

After having her second baby 12 weeks ago, Rochelle is back in the gym and it shows. Her lacy cami and black trousers showed off her toned shape and she looked every inch the yummy mummy. A lightweight top and loose trousers will keep you just as cool as a dress and you may feel more comfortable in them if you’re not really a dress person.

Mollie King

You can always get away with wearing more colour than you usually would to a big party or special occasion and Mollie did just that in a sequin dress with neon embellishment. It turned heads as she arrived and as she danced when the light caught it in different ways. If you’ve got something to celebrate or you want everyone to know that its your party, embrace colour this summer.

Holly Willoughby

Holly also looked fresh and summery in a colourful floral maxi dress. This is a bit more understated than Mollie’s though and could be worn for a formal event like a garden party or wedding in the day as well as one at night. The light base colour of the dress also complements her tan – you couldn’t get more summery than this!

Christine Lampard

The Loose Women presenter looked incredible in a green maxi dress, reflecting her Northern Irish roots. The satin material is perfect for this time of year, flowing out as she moved around to let her skin feel some breeze. It’s light enough so she won’t sweat under the lights of the awards ceremony’s stage and would also keep her cool on the dancefloor. If you want to stand out but stay cool, go for a bright coloured satin like Christine did.

Jennifer Hudson

A monochrome dress never fails to make an impression and J-Hud looked fantastic in her monochrome midi dress. The shape of it makes it a true superstar dress as its so unique. Although most stars wore maxi dresses, the fact that Jennifer’s dress is so interesting to look at means she makes just as much of a statement as the stars in maxi dresses.

Fearne Cotton

Also in a dress with gorgeous detail on the shoulder and hemline was Fearne Cotton. The Radio 1 presenter’s one shoulder black mini dress was super striking and even more so given that she wore her hair in loose waves with light summery make-up. If you’re going to wear a mini or midi dress rather than a maxi dress, it needs to have a stand-out shape so you feel just as confident as others who are wearing longer, more intricate gowns.

Who do you think looked the best? Hopefully this has given you something to think about for events you’re invited to over the next few months!

Love Zoex


British Soap Awards 2017: Best Dressed Celebrities

The British Soap Awards are just what we need at this time of year. While the whole of the UK has been shaken up, our resilient British spirit means celebrity events, parties and celebrations are still held so that we all have something to enjoy and feel proud about.

As the soap awards are held in Manchester, it was a sign of defiance to terror and most of the stars wore bee badges on their outfits to mark their respects. They also dressed to dazzle the crowds and to capture the paparazzi’s flashbulbs  to show that they and our nation will only grow stronger after what’s happened. If you ever need to get revenge, looking the best you’ve ever looked will do it.

These 10 stars looked particularly gorgeous, giving us lots of inspiration for summer party outfits:

Catherine Tyldesley

The Coronation Street star looked gorgeous in a baby pink maxi dress with plunging neckline and exposed back. The baby pink colour flatters her skin tone, but its softer to wear than white and the fishtail train gives her some stunning hourglass curves. Wearing her hair in loose waves adds to the Grecian Goddess effect of this look – definitely one of the best dresses of the night!

Sophie Porley

A monochrome dress can be super striking as the Hollyoaks actress showed. It’s not too revealing but the black belt cinches her waist and that makes her waist look tiny. This is a very sophisticated way to make an arrival at an event as heads will turn even though you’re not showing much skin.

Brooke Vincent

The Coronation Street actress looked fierce and very confident in a black jumpsuit. A jumpsuit will always give you confidence, especially one like this that is cut to show off your waist. There’s no risk of wardrobe malfunctions and when worn with heels it gives you height and attitude – it’s the red carpet equivalent of power dressing.

Faye Brookes

A yellow dress is a guaranteed head-turner and Faye looked summery and fresh in her stunning maxi dress. With her dark hair swept back, this is a real statement look and she wore it well. The plunging v neck and short sleeves is also very flattering meaning that she gets away with colour because it draws everyone’s attention to the fabulous dress shape. What do you think?

Kym Marsh

Kym’s ‘date’ to the awards was her son and he must have been proud of his mum in a dress like that! With its side split, like a lot of dresses we saw on the Cannes red carpet, and its lace detail, her blue maxi dress made her look a million dollars. You can always rely on Kym to look classy.

Shona Garty

Wow! The Eastenders actress wore an Oscars-worthy dress to the soap awards. Her beige maxi dress hugs every inch of her figure and the strapless detail shows off her gorgeous cleavage. If you want a dress to make you look like an old school Hollywood princess, this is it!

Lucy Fallon

The Coronation Street star looked completely unrecognisable from her on-screen character – in a good way! On screen, she’s had a tough time in the past month but she left her issues at work and looked like a princess at the awards in her flowing sequin nude maxi dress. A dress like this would make anyone feel like a Disney Princess at a ball – its just beautiful and looks better every time you look at it and notice another shimmer!

Jacqueline Jossa

Jaqueline had a similar dress to Lucy’s in the sense it was flowing and made out of a gorgeous chiffon material, but hers was more of a grey colour. The shape of this dress is really flattering as it hugs her waist before flowing out into a full skirt, showing off Jacqueline’s stunning hourglass shape. This is another princess dress.

Nikki Sanderson

Constantly nominated for Sexiest Actress, Nikki showed why she deserves the nomination in a striking green maxi dress embellished with sequins. Conservatively, she adds a strapless nude bodice underneath so she’s not showing off too much of her top half, preserving her modesty and just giving a hint at what’s underneath. If you want a bit of extra support, a bodysuit like this is a great way to do it as you can’t see it from a distance, meaning everyone thinks you’ve been bolder than what you have been.

Stephanie Waring

Talking of bold, Stephanie showed she wasn’t shy in a black lace and mesh maxi dress. However, the Hollyoaks actress does have a lovely toned figure that she wants to show off. As the top half is opaque, it gives her the same coverage as a short mini dress so it’s actually more demure than you think the more you look at it. It’s just the skirt that makes it look wild. What do you think?

Whose outfit impressed you the most?

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Ellie Goulding’s Rock Chick Glamour

Ellie Goulding has an exciting summer ahead! She’s just released a new single called First Time with hot up and coming artist Kygo and is set to perform at the V Festival as well as several festivals across Europe. Plus she’s moved on from ex Dougie Poynter and has been seen out and about with a mystery man. It’s all happening for her in both work and play.

What we like about Ellie is that she always looks cool but it never looks like she’s tried too hard. Whether she’s wearing something formal for a party or something casual for a day of interviews in London, she looks like she’s comfortable and in control. She’s very much wearing the clothes rather than them swamping her and even though she sticks to classic colours like blacks and nudes, there’s always some unique detail and she always wears fabulous shoes.

Let’s take a closer look at a casual and a formal outfit to see how we can steal her rock chick style:

Casual Cool

For a day of interviews to promote her new single, Ellie dressed for the London heat in an outfit that made her look cool and kept her cool. It may be an all black outfit but it looks different thanks to the fringed hem on the shorts – just like the V by Very high waisted ripped hem shorts. These look lovely with a classic black v-neck t-shirt like the V by Very v-neck perfect t-shirt. Finish with some statement boots like Ellie’s with buckle embellishment – the River Island Western buckle boots are ideal.

An outfit like this could be worn for day or night – you wouldn’t look out of place in this due to the pretty heels which really do lengthen the legs. You could even wear this to a festival if you wear some flat Western boots instead of the heels. It’s a classic look that will ensure you don’t just fit in at any occasion, but you dazzle at it!

Classic Little Black Dress

Ellie’s an ambassador for Omega Watches and at their annual summer party, she dazzled in a lace black dress. Every girl needs a black dress like this in their wardrobe as it’s chic without being too fussy. The lace embellishment gives us all something to look at and the fact that it’s not lace all over means its more mesmerising. The Rare lace cut out long sleeve midi dress is like Ellie’s dress.

A dress like this deserves fabulous shoes and you can see that Ellie’s wearing a really pair of pointy ankle strap heels. They’re very similar to the V  by Very Ivy bow heeled shoe with pearl detail. If you like watches, why not try the gorgeous Omega preowned steel & rose gold constellation ladies silver dial watch?

Are you a fan of Ellie Goulding’s style? She shows that by picking simple and classic items and wearing them with statement footwear and accessories, we can all look stylish in an effortless way this summer.

Love Zoex

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  7. Promoter: Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited, First Floor, Skyways House, Speke Road, Speke, Liverpool, L70 1AB. Registered No 466328.
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Radio 1’s Big Weekend: Festival Fashion

Radio 1 picked the perfect weekend to hold the first UK festival of the year – The Big Weekend. The weather in Hull – the UK City Of Culture 2017 – was scorching hot making it a mini version of Coachella. However, rather than boho chic outfits, the majority of festival goers opted for bright clothes with some even going for neon. Us Brits have our own style when it comes to festival fashion!

The Isle Of Wight Festival, Glastonbury, Wireless and V will be here before we know it now that the first festival has taken place. Hopefully, they’ll be equally sunny and bright so that we can wear some similarly bold outfits because just looking at clothes like this cheers us up! However, even if there is rain we can always pack a colourful or printed rain mac, right? The more it clashes the better.

If you need some motivation to dress a bit brighter this season, have a look at what these fabulous five female celebs wore at Radio 1’s Big Weekend:

Katy Perry

With her stunning short cropped hair, Katy made sure her clothes were just as cool as her haircut. In a silver dress and a silver jacket, Katy dazzled with her outfit as well as her performance. She was on fire and she knew it and looking down at her outfit would give her more confidence to perform with attitude. Wearing a bold outfit can make us feel braver.

Zara Larsson

You can never go wrong with denim at a festival and Zara looked fresh and pretty in her denim jacket and white t-shirt – a classic combination. Notice that the denim jacket is embroidered with some colourful fabric? Embroidery is a great way to experiment with colour and lots of celebs are wearing the trend right now. It just makes everything look prettier!


Lorde looked absolutely stunning in a pink top and yellow trousers. This is such a summery outfit and Lorde looks fresh and fabulous in it. The wide leg trousers would keep her cool when she’s on stage and shows you don’t need to compromise on anything when it’s hot. You can wear as much colour as you want as long as your outfit is loose enough

Lana Del Ray

Lana channeled a vintage 1960s look with her printed mini dress and headband made out of the same material. Her multicolour mini dress has real character and she’s another great example of how you can retain your style even when the weather heats up. A mini dress not only looks lovely and feminine but keeps you cool as your legs are out and getting some air.

Little Mix

Little Mix were the best examples of dressing up brightly with outfits in various shades of neon green. This takes hi-vis to another level! It shows that black and green go really well together and just adds an extra element of fun to the event. If you can’t take risks at a festival, when can you?

Have you got any festival fun planned this year?

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Dress Up And Down Like Rihanna

Rihanna is on fine form at the moment! She recently designed a luxury jewellery collection for Chopard, which she launched during the Cannes film festival before flying back to New York to visit a recording studio.  She’s at the top of her game in both the fashion and music worlds.

Despite being busy, Rihanna’s never looked better. Even though she doesn’t have much spare time to plan her outfits, she’s clearly employing someone to do it for her as she’s been looking polished and put together whether she’s dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a day of errands.

Her look is effortlessly cool – she wears the clothes rather than it looking like she’s trying too hard. If you want to do the same, Rihanna is a great style icon and it’s easier than you’d think to steal her style.

Copy Rihanna’s Casual Look

This is a classic rock chick outfit! She has the shades, the music t-shirt and the rock star skinny jeans and it looks fabulous on her. With the current heatwave, it’s finally t-shirt weather and every wardrobe needs a black t-shirt that can be worn with skinny jeans or a distressed denim skirt. The River Island lace panel jumbo tee is ideal. You can tuck it in if you prefer a more fitted look.

For black skinny jeans, the V by Very Macy high-waisted skinny jeans are really flattering as they skim the ankles and hug the hips and make our legs look longer, especially if worn with statement heels like the Miss KG Ferne printed heeled sandals. Make sure you finish this look with some super cool shades as no star would ever be seen without her sunnies. The Prada double brow bar catseye round sunglasses are similar to Rihanna’s.


Copy Rihanna’s Party Look

You can always trust Rihanna to make an entrance at a party and she did that in style in Cannes! The blue maxi dress that she’s wearing has a Victoriana style to it with some statement ruffles, which are like those on the pretty pastel blue V by Very frill neck maxi dress. A dress like this deserves some high heels to help you walk taller and with even more confidence. Rihanna did that in gold sandals, just like the V by Very Bella ankle strap minimal heeled sandals.

However, what really makes this look worthy of a celeb night out is the accessories. The Fiorelli multi-coloured preciosa crystal statement flower necklace is just as eye-catching as Rihanna’s and her drop earrings look like the V by Very Celia statement earrings.

What do you think of Rihanna’s style? Are you ready to look more like a rock star this summer?

Love Zoex

Cannes Film Festival 2017: Get The A’list Glamour

Cannes is the most decadent event in the movie calendar. While everyone gets dressed up for The Oscars, it’s for one night only whereas Cannes goes on for 10 days! Most stars stay for four or five days and go out every night plus there are lunch parties and yacht parties in the day. That’s a lot of outfits to get through!

We’ve found 10 of the most spectacular statement dresses worn this year by the stars on the red carpet to give us all some evening dress inspiration. If you want to make a celebrity entrance at a party this summer, here are 10 fabulous ways to do it.

Kendall Jenner

If you’re particularly proud of your accessories, like Kendall is with her million pound Chopard necklace, then a classic dress lets the accessories shine. Rather than opt for black, Kendall stands out in a strapless white maxi dress that flatters her figure and her skin tone. The dress may be a simple shape but it’s chic and elegant and looks super expensive because of the accessories.


She’s no stranger to flashing the flesh on the red carpet, but Rihanna can do formal just as well as she can do bold. She looked stunning in a black tulle maxi dress at the launch of her new jewellery collaboration with Chopard, every inch the true superstar she is. The shape of her black party dress is like something from the 1950s with the high waisted skirt emphasizing the smallest part of the waist and the A’line shape balancing out the fitted top half. Most of us think that a black bodycon dress is the most effective way to show off our figures but a dress that highlights our best parts like this can make us look better.

Kate Moss

The model has more than 25 years of experience on the catwalk, which she showed off at a charity catwalk show organised by Naomi Campbell. This gold dress with matching blazer is very popular among celebs as Katy Perry wore it to this year’s Brit Awards. If you can’t wear gold to a special event like Cannes, when can you?

Jourdan Dunn

Cannes is all about the bling and Jourdan showed how to wear it in style in a silver jumpsuit. This outfit is not for shy people but it will make you feel more confident when you put it on and see just how much you shine. Everyone will be asking where you got something like this from!

Bella Hadid

Wow! Bella looked simple but stunning on the opening night. This year, several stars went for dresses with thigh high splits and Bella’s was one of the best. The beige maxi dress fits her like a glove, draping itself around her sensational figure. Satin is a lovely material to wear to a formal event as it flows out as you move, making you look like a Princess.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen’s never been a girl to wear floaty dresses or anything overly feminine but she made an exception for Cannes in a maxi dress. However, it’s not a traditional maxi dress with its open front detail and strapless crop top. If you don’t want to conform, look for a dress that little bit different like this one and wear it with attitude. You’ll feel like you’ve been true to yourself and that will give you a lot of confidence.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole looked like a beautiful peacock in her green printed midi dress. The prom skirt highlights her slender physique and gives her a more womanly, curvy shape. If you’re wearing a dress like this, keep your hair down like Nicole’s done and it will soften the look and make you look pretty and girly – wearing your hair tied back would look too OTT.

Jessica Chastain

Jessica’s had a harder job than most stars in Cannes as she’s on the jury of the judging panel, which means premieres and parties every night for the duration of the festival. So far, she hasn’t put a foot wrong but one of her best outfits has to be this white maxi evening dress that complements her hair and skin tone perfectly. The simple shape of the dress and the cowl neck prevents it from looking too bridal and she keeps her makeup light and classic. What do you think of this look?

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney’s in Cannes with her new boyfriend Younes Bendjima and she’s loving her new life. You can see that she’s shining with happiness and her sequin mini dress just reflects this. Special occasions are the best time to wear sequins and we all deserve to shine, don’t we?

Uma Thurman

Uma’s dress is similar to Bella’s with its side split and strapless neckline. However, hers is more of a pastel pink colour which looks great with her skin tone and her classy blonde bob. Side splits and strapless detail is clearly in this season and when topped off with a shiny necklace will make us all feel like a million dollars.

Who do you think looked the most glam?

Love Zoex

Billboard Music Awards 2017: The Best Dressed Celebs

The Billboard Music Awards is as big a deal as The Grammys. Billboards are the US charts, which our Harry Styles is currently topping, and their awards honour the chart-topping artists that are the top of their game. This means all of our favourite singers attend the awards and after-party held in Las Vegas!

The good thing about the awards being held in May is it gives us amazing inspiration about what to wear for big summer nights out. The Grammys in February just can’t compete for that!

With glamorous celebs like Rita Ora,  Vanessa Hudgens and Bebe Rexha in attendance, there’s plenty to look at and admire. Some of these outfits are pretty easy for us to copy so we can make a VIP entrance on our nights out this summer. Let’s see how the stars made an impression:

Rita Ora

You can rely on Rita to walk the red carpet like she owns it and she walked it with attitude in a white blazer with an embellished black maxi skirt. The mesh detail of the skirt causes everyone to look twice, but she does follow the golden rule of keeping her top covered if she’s showing off her legs and derriere. It’s a bold look, but she knows she looks good. Wearing something like this is all about confidence!

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa kept things classy in a beige maxi dress, looking sweet, feminine and girly. This would be a great dress if you were a wedding guest this summer or had a formal ball to attend. The colour is ideal for this time of year, showing off your tan and adding a sunkissed glow, while making sure everyone sees you arrive.

Bebe Rexha

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a black dress, especially one that hugs every inch of your curves like Bebe Rexha’s did. This is a really simple look to copy and wear and one black dress like this will see you through hundreds of different social occasions as you can change your accessories and hair and make-up each time.

Lea Michele

The Glee actress also opted for a black maxi dress, but the mesh detail on her dress makes it stand out. If you like black but are worried you could look boring then detail like this will ensure your dress is a talking point. Lea hasn’t been in the spotlight recently, but a dress like this will help her make a comeback as she looks hot!

Hailee Steinfeld

The American singer gave everyone outfit envy in her stunning black and light blue midi dress. Now this is not an easy look to copy as the print of this dress is so unique. However, it does show that a classic bodycon dress in a unique colour will make everyone stop and stare. It’s a simple formula: bodycon + colour = a top look.

Nicole Scherzinger 

Nicole always dresses to get noticed on the red carpet and she definitely did that in a brown maxi dress. What do you think of this dress?

Kate Beckinsale

The British actress looked classy and elegant in a dark maxi dress embellished with a firework print. The dress flatters her figure without flashing too much flesh and the firework print is the way this dress makes her stand out. If you want to make an impression without showing off too much, this multicolour maxi dress is a chic way to do it.

Whose outfit do you most want to copy?

Love Zoex

BAFTA TV Awards: 10 Best Dressed Celebrities

The BAFTA TV Awards are a big deal as they’re voted for by the industry. The National TV Awards are chosen by the public, which is great for ratings, but being picked as the best by the TV industry bosses is better for long-lasting career success. Everyone’s on the edge of their seats, praying to win!

There are awards for all types of TV shows from soaps to sports to current affairs so we get to see a diverse range of celebs walk the red carpet outside the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank. Their TV shows are all very different but one thing the stars have in common is they’ve dressed to get noticed. After the awards are over, networking takes place and looking good gives the stars the confidence to mingle – just like us!

These 10 celebrities looked especially lovely, giving us some inspiration about what colours and shapes really stand out when everyone’s dressed to impress:

Holly Willoughby

Holly was there to present an award for Best TV Moment but she would have won Best Fashion Moment in her mint green maxi dress. The colour looks beautiful with her blonde hair and bronzed skin and its the ideal time of year to wear pastels. This dress is perfect for summer weddings and proms.

Eleanor Tomlinson

The Poldark actress looked super glam in a silver maxi dress, which sparkled as she walked down the red carpet. A metallic dress will always get us noticed and show that we’re ready to party.

Scarlett Moffatt

It’s inspiring to see how well Scarlett has done since leaving Gogglebox. Now a TV presenter in her own right, she looked sleek and chic in a black lace midi dress. Just look at her smile. She’s hot and she knows it!

Laura Whitmore

Laura looked super summery in her strapless multicolour maxi dress, which was bright and cheerful. Laura’s got a lovely figure and this dress shows off her slender waist without flashing too much flesh, making her look classy.

Tess Daly

The Strictly Come Dancing host has an amazing wardrobe of maxi dresses which we see every single week when the TV series is on, so she went for a gorgeous beige midi dress for the awards do. The colour complements her skin, making her look bronzed and dewy and the pencil shape shows off her curves. Tess always gets it right when it comes to dresses.

Thandie Newton

Similar to Eleanor Tomlinson, Thandie shows that metallics never fail to make an impact. The Line Of Duty star is now used to awards ceremonies after being Oscar-nominated this year and she knows what she’s doing when it comes to dressing up by now. What do you think of this simple silver look?

Anna Friel

Anna’s in a new BBC drama called Broken alongside veteran actor Sean Bean and she’s dressing to let us all know she’s back! Her monochrome dress is so feminine that she looks doll-like and elegant. The vintage lace detail adds to the prettiness – she looks stunning.

Charlotte Riley

If a navy blue maxi dress wasn’t glam enough in its own right then the Peaky Blinders actress added sequins to the mix. These sequins caught the photographers’ flashbulbs and would also look brilliant on a dance floor. Sequins aren’t just for Christmas, they make us in the mood to party all year round!

Ella Eyre

It was impossible to miss Ella Eyre as in her bright pink prom dress. If you’re a girly girl and you want to wear pink, do it proudly and with attitude and you’ll impress everyone with your style. In this dress, Ella’s setting trends, not following fashion and you just can’t beat a bit of pink, can you?

Katie Piper

TV presenter Katie Piper had a real vampy edge in her full black strapless dress with purple lipstick. The way the dress flares out is truly eye catching but how you wear hair and make-up in a dress like this transforms it. If she’d done her hair in a slicked back bun this dress would have looked formal but with her messy hair and statement make-up, she gives it a rock chick vibe and looks sensational.

Who do you think stood out the most?

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Suki Waterhouse’s Coolest Looks

Actress and model Suki Waterhouse has an exciting year ahead. With a fashion campaign for Italian designer Ferragamo and two movies scheduled for release at the end of this year, things have really fallen into place for her.

We can tell that she’s feeling confident and secure about the future by the way that she’s dressing as she seems to have an effortless edge when it comes to fashion. Although she puts an outfit together beautifully, she chooses practicality just as much as fashion and wears outfits that she could let her hair down and have fun in. She’s great inspiration for those of us who want outfits that we don’t have to worry about. When they’re on, they look stylish and they’ll stay that way night and day.

Suki’s style is actually really easy to copy as it relies on finding great quality items that you can mix and match and wear in different ways all season long. Let’s have a look at one of her best day outfits and one of her most pretty night time looks:

Casual Chic

For brunch at London hotspot Sexy Fish, Suki looked fresh and summery in a white vest top with this season’s on-trend trouser – the culotte. This is how to do fashion at 11am in the morning and if she wanted to go out to a bar later, she could stay in something like this.

To copy this look, start with the culottes that are like the Adidas Originals wide leg pants. Then for a white vest top, the V by Very crochet insert vest has a lovely detail around the neck that makes it that little bit more stylish than a plain vest. Finish with a cute shoulder bag like the V by Very quilted shoulder strap bag and some strappy sandals like the V  by Very strap sandals for some extra glamour.

Party Fashion

For a night out in London at a jewellery party, Suki showed that a jumpsuit can be just as striking as a dress. A blue jumpsuit is even more of a statement than a black jumpsuit and with its v-neck detail, Suki shows she’s ready to party. Her jumpsuit is like the Miss Selfridge utility jumpsuit.

With the v-neck detail, its good to make the most of the space to add some extra sparkle with a necklace. The Links of London sterling silver essential beaded necklace is ideal. Platform shoes will give you an extra bit of confidence and help you walk taller and with more attitude. Try the Glamorous cross strap sandals.

What do you think of Suki’s style?

Love Zoex

King Arthur Film Premiere: Red Carpet Style

Guy Ritchie’s epic film King Arthur has pushed back its release date several times, but it’s been worth the wait if last night’s premiere was anything to go by. Starring a selection of his celebrity friends including David Beckham and Cara Delevingne’s sister Poppy as well as his wife Jacqui Ritchie, there’s an all-star cast and no expense has been spared on the special effects either.

Some of the knights of the round table came out to celebrate the premiere, posing next to guests on the red carpet. We especially liked the one posing next to Charlie Hunnam which you can see at the end of this blog post as we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a bit of eye candy and Charlie looks so handsome in his suit!

The actresses and female guests all went for maxi dresses for a glamorous evening look. Let’s have a closer look:

Poppy Delevingne

It’s her first big-budget film in years and Poppy made sure all eyes were on her on the red carpet in a slinky black maxi dress. Not only is the dress super flattering, but it means her pretty wavy hair and diamond choker get noticed, which add to the luxe effect of this look. If you have a clever way to accessorise, then black is a great colour to wear.

Annabelle Wallis

She’s usually in the press for being Coldplay’s Chris Martin’s girlfriend or for her role in British TV drama Peaky Blinders, but now British actress Annabelle Wallis has made it to Hollywood! She plays Maid Marian, the lady who sees King Arthur pull Excalibur from the lake and the role has given her a taste for more as she dressed to get noticed on the red carpet!

Her multi-coloured maxi dress has so many patterns, you just don’t know where to look. As she’s starring in a film with so many hot male actors, she needed as bold dress like this to make sure she got some attention.

Christina Milian

The American singer looked simply gorgeous in her green maxi dress that perfectly showed off her stunning figure. The best thing about green is that it’s not a common choice of dress, even though it flatters both brunettes and blondes. You’ll always make an entrance in a dress like this as people will notice you walk into a room and now summer’s here, we should all go brighter and have more fun with colour.

Guy and Jacqui Ritchie

Jacqui has a quintessentially British style and looked super chic at the premiere in an orange maxi dress that would have looked equally good for daytime. This is a dress that you could wear anywhere all summer long and with her hair swept back from her face, Jacqui looks young and pretty. Sometimes, the simpler the dress, the younger we look.

Gianna Simone

She’s an up and coming actress, best known for her part in Star Trek, but Gianna knows how to work the red carpet already. A loose monochrome maxi dress is ideal for this time of year as the floaty material will keep you cool all night long and the white part of the dress looks bright and uplifting. What do you think of this look?

And here’s a look at the main man – Charlie Hunnam – who’s playing Arthur

Look at that smile! Those teeth! Charlie is very much the macho hero in King Arthur and spends a lot of time with his top off. Although he looks magnificent in a suit, he looks even better in the film.

Whose red carpet style do you admire the most? This shows that there are several ways to do formal fashion – black and green can look equally stunning.

Love Zoex

MTV Movie Awards 2017: Best Dressed Celebs

You can always trust MTV to throw a super cool party! The MTV Movie awards did not disappoint and was a real A’list affair.

Held at The Shrine Auditorium in LA, the red carpet saw a never ending procession of glamorous stars posing for the world’s photographers. The event is broadcast live to countries around the world, which means the stars really have to get their outfits right or it will haunt them forever. The perfect dress could also dramatically improve an actress’s career if it catches the eye of an important casting director.

For those reasons, hours of preparation goes into finding the right red carpet dress. The stars spend the time researching so we don’t have to – we can just copy what works on them. Let’s see who looked the best at the awards:

Cara Delevingne 

Cara has a cool, edgy style and even when she’s wearing a dress she looks powerful and strong. In a classic black mini dress, she ensures that the attention is drawn to the statement pieces – the black over the knee boots and the blood red lipstick. She’s a top ambassador for British style, isn’t she?


The American singer-songwriter looked absolutely beautiful in a green maxi dress. This is elegant and feminine, especially with the lace detail. Lace is a lovely way to make an impact at a party, with no need to accessorise!

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan ensured that there was no danger of wearing a similar outfit to anyone else in pink trousers with a red top. It’s bold but it’s also really summery and uplifting and with her hair big and flowing, she looks naturally pretty. Trousers like this are just as feminine as a skirt or dress.

Jasmine Sanders

The American model, who calls herself Golden Barbie, covered up more than usual in her tiger embellished tunic dress with over the knee boots. However, with a print like that there was no danger of her going unnoticed on the red carpet. At an event like the MTV Awards where models and actresses want to get noticed, wearing print will help them do just that.

Shay Mitchell

Jasmine wasn’t the only one to wear print as The Vampire Diaries star Shay Mitchell also wore it in maxi dress form. Shay looks much more elegant and classically pretty in her dress, with her hair down and sleek and glossy. If you want to give the impression of being a girl that’s sophisticated and classy, a maxi dress is always a great option.

Holland Roden

The Teen Wolf star looked stunning in her tassle dress. Not only did it turn heads as she walked down the red carpet but it’s a lot of fun to wear.  You could have some serious fun on the dancefloor in a dress like this!

Who do you think looked the best?

Love Zoex

Celebrity Style Steal: Selena Gomez Dressed Up And Down

Selena Gomez has come a long way since she was a child star on the Disney Channel. Now a pop princess with a chart-topping boyfriend – The Weeknd – she’s professional and polished. Whether she’s on the red carpet or nipping out to a restaurant for a spot to eat, she looks groomed and gorgeous.

Unlike some other stars in Hollywood, who dress older than they actually are, Selena remains cool, fresh and on trend. She likes to wear white to reflect her sunkissed skin but aside from that her fashion choices are laidback. Her outfits are uncomplicated, which means they’re easy for us to copy.

Let’s take a closer look at some recent looks – one night-time and one daytime:

Met Ball Gala Glamour

While some Met Ball Gala guests went OTT, Selena kept things simple and chic in a cream maxi dress, embellished with gold sparkles. With pretty beige sandals, also embellished with flowers, the look is feminine and elegant. This is a lovely maxi dress for a summer party or ball as it complements skin tone, reflects the light and floats out as you dance keeping you feeling cool as well as looking it. It’s similar to the V by Very sequin tulle maxi dress and would look beautiful with the V by Very Tallulah 3D flower embellished heeled sandals.

Dressed Down Chic

For a trip for a bite to eat with her friends, Selena looked stunning in her jeans and t-shirt. Cropped jeans are not only flattering as they lengthen legs, but they’re great for warmer spring and summer days. The Denim Supply Ralph Lauren cropped skinny jeans are a similar indigo blue colour to Selena’s and work well with a classic white t-shirt like the V by Very perfect scoop neck t-shirt. 

For the full Selena look, finish with white pumps like the V  by Very dotty knotted slider skate shoes and statement round shaped shades like the River Island sunglasses.

What do you think of Selena’s style?

Love Zoex

Harper’s Bazaar 150 Year Anniversary: Best Dressed

Fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar celebrated its 150th birthday in luxurious style with a party at The Ritz in London. Actresses, models and even politicians came together to celebrate the occasion – it was a place for everyone who’s interested in fashion to catch up and mingle.

Interestingly, two major fashion trends emerged on the night as guests either wore black / white or bold florals. Let’s have a closer look at how they styled it for some sophisticated party dress inspiration for occasions when you want to look elegant and classy:

Laura Carmichael

The former Downton Abbey actress mixed the classic colours of gold and black with her slinky sleeveless maxi dress. It’s an eye-catching dress so she keeps her hair and make-up simple so it doesn’t look like she’s tried too hard. Sometimes less really is more.

Jenna Coleman

The star of period drama Victoria looked like she was in the Victorian era in her white maxi dress. White is a hard colour to wear as it could end up looking bridal but Jenna pulls it off with the lace and mesh detail, which looks more rock star than romantic especially when worn with high black platform sandals.

Jessica Raine

The Call the Midwife and Line of Duty actress showed a brilliant way to wear florals with her blue and green maxi dress. Blue and green is so summery and contrasts beautifully with her dark hair.

Sarah Ann Macklin

She’s modelled for several high profile brands and when she’s off duty she looked equally stunning in a red maxi dress. If red wasn’t enough to get attention, she added florals to the mix. What do you think of this dress?

Victoria Pendleton

The ex-Olympic cyclist and Strictly Come Dancing contestant looked chic and pretty in a black maxi dress. With its simple shape and her hair in a simple bob, she looks cute and pretty. Black can be worn to any occasion and this dress would work well for day or night.

Samantha Cameron

As the wife of the ex-Prime Minister, Samantha Cameron looked smart and businesslike in a black blouse and black maxi skirt. A maxi skirt with a chic top can be a great alternative to a dress if you want something that’s just that little bit different.

Who do you think looked the most stylish?

Love Zoex